Title: Written Dreams 3/?
Author: [personal profile] ninj AKA [livejournal.com profile] hisui_ryoshi
Pairings: Damon/Elena
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3.21 to be safe
Word Count: 1,382
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Not at all. No profit is being made from this work.
Summary Prompt fill for Elena Gilbert Comment!Ficathon prompted by [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops I’m just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.

Elena thinks time has passed when she becomes aware of her surroundings, and she is sure that something is wrong. When Esther spelled her she’d been in a house somewhere. Now she’s awake and sitting in her window ledge. Elena thinks about staying put until she has more information, but can’t figure out how she would get more information without investigating further. As she walks past her mirror she sees her reflection and winces.

Elena’s arms are bruised and the shallow cuts on her forearms are still there. Blood crusts her hands, and there are dark shadows under her eyes. Elena senses movement out of the corner of her eye and turns. It’s Damon.

“You’re here,” Damon seems surprised as he looks her over. His eyes darken as he takes in the state of her arms. “The vervain must be out of your system.”

“Did you rescue me?” Elena sits back down on the windowsill. “Something feels wrong.”

“We’re dreaming,” Damon tells her straddling a chair. “As always you’re dreaming about me.”

Elena rolls her eyes and looks out the window. Things don’t look solid so Damon’s probably right. He’s right that she dreams about him too, but she’s not going to mention that part.

“Too late. It’s our dream Elena. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t lie.”

“Why are we here?”

“To get information. Someone had to talk to you and this was the only way. Witchy and Klaus can’t get through the barrier. We’re not sure why.”

“Esther has my blood,” Elena warns him. As she speaks her arms flair in pain and more cuts appear. Deeper cuts and the blood is flowing faster. “Damon, she’s going to kill me.”

“She’s going to kill us all from what I hear.”

Elena wants to get up and pace. She can’t sit here and talk about this with Damon, she has to do something. As she stands her legs give out, her vision tunnels as the blackness starts to take over.

“No! No!” Damon snarls as he reaches out and hauls her up and then into his lap. Somehow they’ve both ended up on the window seat. “They’re taking too much blood. We have no choice now. Elena stay with me.”

“I’m trying. No choice? You have a plan?” Elena doesn’t know if it’s due to the end of her physical movement or just that she’s getting used to bleeding more but the blackness has receded.

“Stefan and Klaus have a plan. If Esther weren’t trying to kill us all Klaus would send her a fruit basket for getting Stefan to talk to him again.”

“What’s the plan?” Elena doesn’t really care. She feels safe and warm here with Damon. She’s dying and it’s not like she can help. Her arms twinge again and now there are symbols on her arm. The bleeding has stopped at least.

“They’re going to burn it. They’ve been testing-it’s just a vampire barrier. If Bonnie helps they can burn the house.” Damon does not sound pleased with the plan. His arms tighten around her. “Alaric and Esther will have to leave the house to avoid being burned. Bonnie doesn’t think Esther has enough magic to stop the fire and hold the barrier against vampires.”

“Well that’s the barrier taken care of,” Elena tries to stop herself from thinking about how Alaric will kill her before letting her be rescued. “Klaus and Esther can stop Esther I’m sure.”

“If Alaric kills you he’ll be ripped to pieces.”

“I’ll still be dead. Esther won’t let Klaus have my blood. Esther won’t let me live period.”

“Fake your death Elena. They’ve taken so much blood. I can feel it. Fake it when you wake up.”

“I’m not going to wake up Damon,” Elena says softly. “They took too much. You’re best hope is that they don’t do something irreparable like break my neck before they leave. Get me to a hospital and hope it’s soon enough.”

“Klaus wants to take you and leave Mystic Falls,” Damon warns her. “There’s no easy solution to making you safe.”

Elena turns in his arms and meets his eyes. If Elena weren’t so exhausted she’d try to lie to him. The truth is she doesn’t have much fight in her at all. Another problem after Esther is too much. She can’t admit how exhausted she is, she knows that Damon is too. They’ve been in this together since they found out she was a sacrifice. So she avoids the issue and tries to distract Damon instead.

“I was thinking earlier my life is a really bad vampire novel.”

“Nope. Too many sexy vampires to be a bad vampire novel. Too many vampires in general though.”

“It was only supposed to be Stefan,” Elena whispers softly. “It was always supposed to be Stefan.”

“Supposed to be? Elena you’re killing me here.”

“You snuck up on me. You don’t play the roll you’re supposed to.”

“I’m not going to apologize for that. I know what I want Elena. It’s pragmatic to do what it takes.”

“Don’t lie,” Elena echoes snuggling back down into his chest. “Don’t get killed trying to stop Klaus.”

“Dead or gone with Klaus sound remarkably similar in terms of not being acceptable options for you. Although Klaus said Stefan could go with you.”

“Wouldn’t that be a nightmare,” Elena can’t stop herself. Like everything else in this dream the words just flow. In for a penny in for a pound. “You’re way more fun to road trip with than Klaus. A much better influence too.”

“How about I won’t die if you don’t?” Damon challenges. “Klaus is going to go after Esther. I can get you and we’ll leave.”

“Even in your head that doesn’t end well. Help Klaus get the barrier down, stop Esther and Alaric. Save yourselves.”

“I don’t think your story was supposed to end like this with you bleeding to death in a house,” Damon wants to save her so badly she can hear it in his voice. “I think you would write a better ending for your bad vampire novel.”

“Dying in your arms seemed pretty inevitable,” Elena counters. “Magical doppelgangers aren’t supposed to get happy endings, and as you’ve said you never get a happy ending.”

“I think I’m due for one,” Damon is watching her fade. It’s not the fading that indicates waking up. They really took too much. “I think we’re due to get what we want.”

“You always get what you want,” It’s a joke. Elena knows better than most that he doesn’t. “You need to wake up and tell them to burn it. Take what blood you can get and stop Esther and Alaric.”

“Your blood can’t be the key to everything. Besides Esther has more of your blood at this point than you do.”

“Take what’s left. You know it’s going to be the only way to stop her. Then get me to Meredith.” Elena wants him to live more than she does herself. It’s not anything new; she’s never wanted anyone to die for her. She loves him here in this dream she can admit it to herself and while she doesn’t want to die in his arms, it’s peaceful.

Damon looks like he wants to shake her and Elena belatedly remembers that their thoughts are open to each other. He’s never liked the thoughts of self-sacrifice. She’s getting tired again, and the blackness is back in her vision.

“Make me one last deal,” Damon demands.

“It’s getting dark Damon what is it?”

“I can hear what you think here Elena. When we save you, when you wake up-I want to hear you say it.”

Elena pulls herself up and out of Damon’s arms. She looks down at the symbols and the blood, and Damon fading away. If she wrote the next part they’d have time to grow into the statement, but for now she can’t be sure. She can’t write the future, all she can write is the end, and it’s written in her blood. It’s the bravest, stupidest thing Elena does to invent a future where her blood doesn’t end it, and the truth doesn’t destroy what’s left, but she can’t end it on these words. So Elena hopes that she pulls off one last escape from death and speaks.

“I love you Damon.”



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