Title: Written Dreams 6/?
Author: [personal profile] ninj AKA [livejournal.com profile] hisui_ryoshi
Pairings: Damon/Elena
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3.21 to be safe
Word Count: 1,740
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Not at all. No profit is being made from this work.
Summary: Prompt fill for Elena Gilbert Comment!Ficathon prompted by [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops I’m just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.

Elena is in Mystic Falls again. She’s sitting at a table in the Grill. This isn’t new; this is in fact her most frequent dream about Mystic Falls. In her dreams there have always been people in the Grill, but usually it’s like she’s not there. Elena watches people from her past talk about their lives, and sometimes she watches her past. Elena knows her dreams aren’t true dreams because there are people who shouldn’t be in them. Perhaps it’s because Elena has started to plan her short term future, but she wishes she could talk to her friends, any of her friends, even the ones who are dead, but even when she screamed at them that one time, they’ve never noticed. Elena wasn’t sure why this dream was different, but it was. She spots someone who’s never been in these dreams before, and they see her back.

“I’ve always hoped you’d haunt my dreams,” a glass of bourbon hits the table as Damon takes his seat. For the first time in three years Elena’s brown eyes meet his ice blue ones. She can’t help her smile.

“You’d have to be alive for me to haunt, or I’d have to be dead.”

“And you’re not?”

“Not yet,” Elena answers. “You’d be proud Damon. I’m going to fight.”

“Not yet kind of sounds like you’re going to throw yourself on the fire again Elena. Don’t ask me to be happy about that.”

“Die to fight another day Damon. Sometimes you have to fight dirty. Someone taught me that.”

“Now you listen,” Damon rolls his eyes. “Dream Elena listens to me.”

“Take what you can get,” Elena advises. She studies this man in her dream, and wonders what he remembers. She reaches across the table and taps the glass of bourbon. “Back to drinking in the middle of the day?”

“It’s a thing. So why is dream Elena in Mystic Falls? Why haunt this place?”

“Where else would everyone be? I wish you wouldn’t call it haunting. I’m not dead, I’m just dreaming. I feel like you should listen to me.”

“I always listened to you. And you always make me dream of something I can’t have.”

Elena has to needle him, has to push. It doesn’t matter that it’s a dream, the fight is over. Elena has missed and she’s more than willing to admit it.

“If I were making you dream of something you couldn’t have wouldn’t I be in your bedroom?” Elena wants to hit herself. There’s a fine line in their teasing and she’s crossed it. She blushes red, and looks up only to find them in Damon’s bedroom. “Oh shit.”

Damon just throws his head back and laughs. Somehow he managed to hold onto his bourbon which he now sets down before stalking over to her. The movements are all predatory. Elena has been giving ground for years, this is not the place for her to choose to stand, but she does.

“Careful what you wish for Elena,” Damon is standing inside her bubble just out of contact, but Elena can feel it anyways. Elena wishes it didn’t feel so good. Contact with another person has been sorely missed. Cuddling with dream Damon sounds wonderful.

“I don’t think I wished for enough,” Elena responds. She steps around him because there’s only so much temptation a girl can take. Also she doesn’t think the great Damon Salvatore would settle for hug when she brought them here. “In my last dream I just wanted to live.”

“Yeah, but that didn’t really work out for you,” Damon tells her. He can’t not touch her. He doesn’t care that it’s a dream. His arms wrap around her and he clings to her like he’s missed her as much as she’s missed him.

“This is such an odd dream,” Elena replies. She doesn’t pull away. She ran from real Damon until it was too late. Now he could never catch her. So she can’t run from him in dreams. “What do you think would have happened?”

“You’re the writer. I just dream. You’re the only one who knew what the future might bring. It was always your story Elena.”

“I wish,” Elena sighs. “I think if it were my story things might have made more sense. So many things just happened.”

“You’re deluded if you think you weren’t doing it your way,” Damon tells her. “No one made choices like you did. We’d try but you were determined to die for Klaus.”

“You still saved me. All of you. Despite my best efforts.”

“You’d have figured it out Elena. So what would you have done if you escaped?”

Elena steps away. Wanders over to the glass of bourbon and considers drinking it, but decides against it.

“I haven’t figured it out. I’ve tried nine times to write it Damon. Nine, and none of them work.”

“Because you’re still lying to yourself. I’m not saying you have all the answers Elena. No one really expected you to come out of that building and know your future.”

Elena gets mad. It’s a new feeling, but not around him.

“But you all wanted me to. You and Stefan, so sure I was going to pick one of you.”

“Stefan may have wanted you to pick. I just wanted you to be honest,” Damon has returned to her side and picked up the bourbon and now he finishes it. “No one can make you do anything Elena. I should know, I’ve tried. Stefan and I weren’t going anywhere.”

“I’m not Katherine,” Elena snarls. “I don’t love you both.”

“You’re not Katherine,” Damon agrees but he’s back in her personal space. “But you can love us both Elena. We just didn’t want you to be in love with us both.”

“I told you then I didn’t know,” Elena would step away, but Damon looks at her in warning. No more running in her dreams. “How was I supposed to know?”

“Elena, the irony here is comic,” Damon makes eye contact and it’s so familiar. “You have to let yourself feel.”

“I felt too much,” Elena confesses and three years of emptiness are filled with a rush. “It was just too much Damon. I wanted to live to understand it all.”

“Well I’m sorry you didn’t get the chance. How do you think it felt saying goodbye to you in a dream and saving you? You gave me hope Elena! Then you died.”

Dream Damon was very insistent on her death, but since he was a dream and dead to her she wondered briefly just how messed up her head was.

“I told you I loved you and I woke up alone,” Elena feels her eyes fill with tears and they make her angry. “I stopped running and it didn’t matter anymore.”

“And you say you can’t write the end? What did you think was going to happen?”

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy,” Elena doesn’t lie about that. “I don’t want the life I have now Damon. I want my family back, and I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“So you won’t be alone anymore?”

“So that I can be who am. This is not who I am Damon. I have to finish my life Damon, it didn’t end with me waking up alone. I have to move on.”

Damon now looks pissed. Actually, he looks enraged.

“I swear if this is some spell by Witchy and Vampire Barbie I’ll kill someone,” Damon tells her. “Don’t tell me to move on.”

Elena is confused now. Because she’s pretty sure she was the one moving on. She has plans to escape Klaus and go back to Mystic Falls. Dream Damon should be happy; he’d always wanted her to fight.

“You’re not the one moving on,” Elena reassures him. “I wouldn’t tell you to do that.”

“That’s all anyone wants me to do is move on. It’s always let go of Elena , Damon. She belongs with Stefan. Now you’re just gone.”

“When have you listened to anyone else?”

“So you’re not telling me to move on and forget you?” Damon is back by her side in a flash. “Why am I dreaming about you?”

“I’m dreaming about you,” Elena corrects him and she intertwines her hand with his. “I’m actually asking myself what would Damon do? Thankfully, I’m not reduced to drinking bourbon and sleeping with co-eds.”

“And what does my inner self tell you to do to get away from Klaus?”

“I already told you Damon,” Elena looks at their linked hands. She isn’t sure how she’s going to do this without Damon. “Die to live.”

“Don’t be crazy Elena, the only way you could do that is to become a vampire,” Damon untwists his hand from her. He looks up into her eyes and his body goes rigid.

“Like I said, what would Damon do?” Elena can meet his eyes. She’s pretty sure this is another one of her flawed plans, but she wants her family, she wants to stop the hybrids, and she wants to be free. Katherine had established that a vampire doppelganger was useless. She smiles at Damon as he intertwines his hand with hers again and whispers the one thing that’s haunting her. “I don’t want to kill anyone.”

Damon can’t help it, to picture Elena as a vampire is almost everything he ever wanted. He can feel his eyes darken as he looks her over and pulls her flush to him. It’s like everything they both remember an irresistible pull to be together.

“I would give anything to see you as a vampire,” Damon’s voice is intense, he can feel Elena shaking in his arms. She’s going to do it alone, and that breaks his heart. This was not how she was supposed to turn. Damon wishes this was real and that she would have come to him to help.

“What will I remember as a vampire Damon? Did you compel me?” Elena isn’t sure if dream Damon will know, but he knows everything else. Besides at this point Elena will find out one way or the other.

“Nothing,” Damon answers. “You know it all Elena. It’s more a question of what you’ll let yourself feel.”

“I’m sorry,” Elena tells him. She rises up on her tip toes and kisses him softly. “I couldn’t tell you then what I could tell you now.”

The dream ends, and Elena wakes up.



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