Title: Written Dreams 7/?
Author: [personal profile] ninj AKA [livejournal.com profile] hisui_ryoshi
Pairings: Damon/Elena
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3.21 to be safe
Word Count: 2,085
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Not at all. No profit is being made from this work.
Summary: Prompt fill for Elena Gilbert Comment!Ficathon prompted by [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops I’m just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.

Elena starts becoming reckless. Apparently Klaus has never been warned about college drinking. She starts hanging out with people who party. She pretends to drink too. She’s waiting for her opportunity but she has to be patient. Right now if she gets herself killed she’ll just be dead. If she waits she’ll be in transition.

When the hybrids come to collect her blood they bring her some of Klaus’s. It’s stupid because that’s the only time she drinks it and it lasts a day or two. After that she’s out of luck. Elena figures it’s mostly symbolic that she continues to do what Klaus wants her to do. Elena has always wanted to refuse because blood tastes disgusting, this time she has to be careful not to look eager to drink the blood. Elena swallows it down with a grimace and watches the hybrids leave with the last of the blood Klaus will get from her.

Once they’re gone Elena heads out to a party. It’s in a location too good to be true, and too stupid to be believed. Whoever thought holding a drinking party on a bluff was a good idea was mistaken. It is where Elena is going to die.

Elena starts to drink when she gets to the party. Normally she fakes it, but tonight was going to be hard enough. Elena had pretended to be sneaking out, but she knew the hybrid who hadn’t gone to deliver the blood had followed her. She’d been pretending to drink for weeks and discovered that the hybrids only watched for physical threats, they didn’t worry about environmental ones. Elena steered the drinking friends she’s made over to the bluff and is grateful none of them knew her from before or they would never have fallen for this.

This plan is not without its risks. Elena is assuming Klaus will not kill her for being clumsy and going into transition. Klaus could try and kill Jeremy, but she felt like there was no point. Klaus didn’t really need her blood, he just wanted it. Elena hopes he’ll be tolerant enough to let her live and let her go. Depending on Klaus’s goodwill was a major flaw in her plan. Elena hops desperately that this this turns out better than her ideas 3 years ago.

Elena drinks the night away, becoming more and more clumsy. She’s not acting. She’s also trying to start a fight with one of her friends. Elena has been standing dangerously close to the edge of the bluff all night. She’s just waiting, when she finally makes her friend mad enough that he lunges for her she scrambles back without thinking and then she’s falling.

The plummet into the water isn’t long enough for Elena to hear screams. It’s long enough for her to feel free. Elena isn’t sure if the impact kills her or something else. Everything just goes black.

Elena wakes up in her bed. Klaus is there holding a blood bag. It smells good. Elena feels drawn to it. She resists and looks at Klaus.

“What happened?” Elena knows that she was drunk and that she fell. She’s assuming she’s in transition because she’s never felt drawn to blood bags before.

“You died,” Klaus confirms and he doesn’t look happy about it. It’s then that Elena sees two hybrid bodies in the corner. “An accident Elena. You tried so hard to live and then you fell off a bluff.”

Klaus is watching her intently as if trying to see if that were true or not. It was a staged accident. Elena prays Klaus doesn’t figure it out. Klaus begins to look angrier.

“Careless girl,” Klaus is angry judging by the tone of his voice. “Well, I warned you what would happen. You’re useless to be now.”

Elena sits perfectly still. He had warned her. She prayed he would take it out on her and not on Jeremy, or anyone left in Mystic Falls.

“Klaus I’m sorry,” when in doubt plead. Klaus likes fear. “Please don’t.”

“Oh no Elena, you’ll pay,” Klaus promises her. He comes forward suddenly and yanks her out of bed by her hair. She’s kneeling on the floor and he’s pulling her head up.

Klaus is strong and Elena feels like a rag doll, and this hurts. She can feel what’s left of her pulse beating rapidly. She struggles briefly to try and get away from Klaus, but she can’t.

“Don’t please,” Elena continues pleading although at this point she’s not sure what she’s pleading with him not to do.

“Stefan thinks it’s very noble how you don’t want to be a vampire. Don’t want to kill people,” Klaus has her head in one hand and the blood bag in the other. He’s holding it in front of her and she can’t take her eyes off of it. “I don’t think he knows you as well as he thinks he does, but we’ll see. I hope there’s a sire bond Elena.”

With that Klaus rips into the bag and shoves it in her face. He releases her hair only to force her jaw open and now she’s choking on blood. It runs all own her front but she swallows a good bit of it. Just like that she’s a vampire.

Klaus lets her go and tosses two more blood bags at her. Elena has never felt this hungry. She’s drinking one before she knows what she’s doing. Cold blood doesn’t taste wonderful and it’s not really what she wants. She’s listening for something, but she’s not sure what. Then she knows, she’s listening for heartbeats-her subconscious is looking for someone to hunt. She drops the now empty blood bag and looks at Klaus.

“You’re not a ripper,” only Klaus could sound that disappointed. “Keep drinking Elena you need to be a strong vampire. It’s what you want.”

Elena is alarmed and she watches Klaus warily as she picks up the second blood bag. She is hesitant though because she can hear heartbeats which mean warm blood and wouldn’t that make her stronger?

“Please don’t let me kill anyone,” Elena should know better than to plead for this from Klaus who views humans as purely disposable.

“I’m not going to make you kill anyone. Finish your blood.”

Elena drinks the second bag down. She can hear so much more, and smell so much more. Cold blood continues to not be as interesting to her as the warm blood she can feel outside. Elena reminds herself she doesn’t want to kill people. She wants to be free. She is bolting for the door and flinging it open and her world is pain. Burning pain. She slams the door and stumbles back.

“No sunlight for you,” Klaus informs her with a mocking smile.

Elena steps back and turns on Klaus. She had forgotten about the sunlight. She can still hear the tempting heartbeats, but she holds herself back out of survival. She walks around Klaus to where the shadows are deeper.

“What now?” Elena asks. This could be the end, she gets the sense that Klaus is just playing with her. Elena isn’t sure if Klaus allowing her to turn is a good sign.

“If I told you I wanted you to go out and kill everyone at that party who didn’t stop you from falling over that bluff would you do it? Do you want to make them pay?”

“No,” Elena answers. She’s sure it makes sense to Klaus, but she doesn’t want to kill people.

“Not sired then,” Klaus looks more disappointed about this than the ripper situation. “Elena you constantly disappoint me.”

“I’m not impressed with you either,” it slips out before Elena can stop herself. She’s been frustrated with Klaus since before she knew him. She’s got heightened feelings now, and they may have just gotten her killed.

Klaus flashes to her side until he is holding her right in front of him.

“Oh Elena, the Petrova fire at last. Always comes out at the most inconvenient of times,” Klaus is looking her in the eyes with a grin. “Careful Elena, you’re one of the monsters now.”

“The monster you made,” Elena returns leaning back briefly to test his grip. She’s not surprised to find she can’t escape.

“I don’t want you Elena,” Klaus informs her. “I have my family, and they won’t tolerate you.”

“So you’re going to kill me?” Elena asks. She’s been a vampire for a few minutes and she can tell how hard it’s going to be. Still, she didn’t do this to die she meets Klaus’ eyes and instantly regrets it as she watches the pupil’s contract.

“Did you fall off of the bluff?”

“Yes,” Elena answers. It’s true she fell.

“Have you been planning this?” Klaus has always known her better than she wanted him to. “My little Doppelganger are you trying to play me?”

“Yes,” Elena answers and feels despair. She’s doomed herself. Klaus doesn’t want her and she confirmed that she betrayed him. This plan was another horrible idea, and people are going to die because of it. She stands there compelled in his arms and waits.

“You’ll never do anything to end your existence as a vampire. You will only drink human blood,” Klaus is leaving marks on her skin as he feels her start to try and pull away. Her fangs have come down and she can low snarls coming out of her throat. Klaus shakes her like a puppy and waits to meet her eyes again, his eyes are alight in unholy glee. “You will never go back to Mystic Falls.”

Elena is released and she collapses into the nearest chair. She can already feel tears forming.

“When will you stop ruining my life?”

“Your life is mine Elena. It always has been,” Klaus tells her. “I have to say you never do things the easy way. I almost believed you Elena.”

Klaus is kneeling down on the floor now, tilting her chin up so that they are eye to eye again.

“What gave me away?” Elena asks softly. She moves her head out of his grasp but otherwise remains still. “I never wanted to be a vampire.”

“Darling you should stop lying to yourself,” Klaus smirks. “I knew because you’re a Petrova. I’d be a fool to trust a Petrova. Tatia lied about love, Katherine lies to everyone, and you lie to yourself. An unholy trio.”

“What now?” Being with Klaus is exhausting. She still can’t tell if he will let her go, but the damage he’s done already makes her plan seem stupid. Now she’s trapped as a monster without the only support system she had.

“Now you’re a vampire. Do what you want. I’ll let you know when I want something, and you’ll do it. You’ll drink human blood and you’ll never go to Mystic Falls. I fail to see how I’m not still winning.”

“That’s it?” Elena asks to be sure.

“One more thing,” Klaus is compelling her again. “You’ll never turn your switch off.”

Klaus stands and moves towards the door flinging it open and standing in the sunlight. Elena is in the deepest darkest corner trying to make herself small.

“Try lying to yourself with the switch on Elena. I’m not doing you any favors. I’m not killing you, and I’m not letting you go home to friends and family. Which is actually another favor because they’d hate you like this.”

“Just stopping me from going to Mystic Falls isn’t going to keep me away from my friends,” Elena wishes she could shut herself up.

“Oh Elena, call them if you must, but they won’t love you like this. They thought you were dead, and this is going to be so much worse.”

“Thank you,” Elena is at least alive, and it doesn’t appear Klaus is going to kill her friends and family.

“I’ll find you if I need you, and you’ll do whatever I tell you to. You do what I say and everyone lives no sire bond, no compulsion, you’ll just do it. That’s the price.”

It’s always been Klaus’s price. But he’s gone and the door is open. Sunlight streams in and Elena is trapped. Trapped and hungry and waiting for the sun to set. Heartbeats pound through her ears like bells on a big clock. They are counting the hours until she is a predator and the world her prey. Elena waits and tries to hold onto her desire not to kill.



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