Title: Written Dreams 8/?
Author: [personal profile] ninj AKA [livejournal.com profile] hisui_ryoshi
Pairings: Damon/Elena
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3.21 to be safe
Word Count: 2,540
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Not at all. No profit is being made from this work.
Summary: Prompt fill for Elena Gilbert Comment!Ficathon prompted by [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops I’m just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.

Elena’s sheer stubbornness wins and she doesn’t kill anyone, but she maims a lot of someone’s. Animal attacks are way up in Wisconsin. Klaus has left her without a daylight ring, but that is no matter, Elena is not staying in Wisconsin. She’ll defy Klaus one way or another if she can’t go to Mystic Falls she’ll get the people she wants to come to her. She travels by bus at night to Virginia at which point she compels her way into a motel a few towns over from Mystic Falls. Elena knows she needs to learn how to break into blood banks and fast, animal attacks in this part of the world will be noticed quickly. Sadly, Elena has figured out two things no one has written and posted a handy guide to robbing a blood bank on the internet and secondly, after sunset no one leaves human blood bags lying around.

Arriving in Virginia is only part of the problem. Elena knows she can’t go to Mystic Falls due to Klaus’s compulsion and she’s surprised to find out that even being in the state makes her feel uncomfortable. Elena can’t blame it all on compulsion though she forces herself to admit she’s tense about an upcoming family reunion, and afraid that Klaus might be right and they’ll turn on her.

Without a daylight ring, or any real idea of how to rob a blood vault Elena is unsuccessful at weaning herself off live humans. She mains a man’s arm pretty badly at a club one night, but to be fair to her he had been grabby and trying to drag her out back. It makes the news however, and Elena realizes that the council may investigate this. It’s awfully close to Mystic Falls and with Damon and Alaric both dead it’s hard to say how vigilant they are. On the other hand, there’s a possibility that Jeremy has joined the council to take Alaric’s place or Caroline and that could work in her favor. Elena plans for both eventualities although if they come in the day she has no escape.

The problem is that after two weeks no one has come, and Elena has figured out catch and release all on her own. She’s even gotten compulsion down. Elena has also discovered that all the old phone number she remembered are not valid. At this point she may be reduced to writing a letter to her old address and hoping that it gets to Jeremy and he takes it seriously. Elena has even considered staking out the mall in the next town over and hoping Caroline still likes to shop, but Caroline has a daylight ring and would do it during the day. For all Elena knows, Caroline could have left Mystic Falls. The whole situation is very frustrating and Elena reminds herself that she really needs to think these things through better.

As a last desperate attempt to contact someone from her old life Elena tries to get into Jeremy’s dreams. However, it doesn’t work perhaps because he’s on vervain or perhaps because she’s doing it wrong. It’s not like Elena got lessons on how to be a vampire. What does happen is that for the first time since becoming a vampire Elena starts dreaming those same dreams about Mystic Falls again. This time the dreams focus on her past one Stefan moved to town, it’s interesting and at times intensely painful.

Not long after the dreams about Mystic Falls start again Elena sees Damon. However, this time instead of being in the Grill she finds herself standing inside the cemetery outside of the Salvatore crypt. There are no telltale heartbeats which doesn’t surprise Elena at all. Everyone here is dead after all and usually people don’t spend time hanging around graveyards. Well, unless those people are Buffy or Elena after the death of her parents. Elena is started therefore when the door to the crypt opens and Damon walks out.

“Damon,” Elena breaths out softly. She’s surprised to see him here. He appears to be sober and given that Elena assumes his family is buried here Elena can’t imagine why he’d have happy memories. “Why am I dreaming about you again?”

“I’ve always been special,” Damon returns although he seems equally startled to see her. “Revel in it, we get to pretend like the past never happened. Or we’re both dead.”

“We are now,” Elena confirms. Being a vampire is totally dead. “I think you’re a bit more permanent than I am.”

“I liked our last dream venue more,” Damon challenges as he steps closer. “Want to change locations again?”

“I really don’t think I need to keep dreaming about your bedroom,” Elena snaps back. “You remember my last dream?”

“I’m a vampire I remember everything,” Damon answers. This reminds Elena of a few memories of her own and she’s punching Damon in the arm before he can continue. She puts some of her vampire strength behind it and he even stumbles a bit.

“You compelled me!” Elena has been furious about this for weeks, but she couldn’t take out her anger on a vampire who was already dead. “You know how I feel about compulsion!”

“You’re a vampire,” Damon is shocked. Clearly he remembered the last dream so why he’s surprised Elena isn’t sure. “How did this happen?”

“I got drunk and fell off a bluff. So clumsy of me,” Elena works hard to keep a straight face. It’s a challenge because she’s made stupid mistakes and almost gotten killed in the past. It’s important to her that Damon realizes she got killed on purpose.

“This can’t be happening,” Damon is suddenly gripping her arms tightly now holding her still in front of him. This is very similar to how Klaus was holding her when she was compelled and she’s already sick of it. “I can’t know you as a vampire.”

“Well but I can know you because it’s my dream. Now let go of me,” Elena would imagine them in sunlight but the only one of them that would affect was her. She didn’t want to know what the consequences of burning up in her dream would be. Damon lets her pull away from him. “You’re not supposed to be upset.”

“You fell off a bluff while drunk on purpose. Remind me why I’m not supposed to be upset? Also there’s something wrong.”

“Wrong how?” Elena moves further away. Dream Damon is agitated and if he’s like real Damon it’s better to be further away. Agitated Damon has never ended well.

“You shouldn’t be a vampire. You shouldn’t remember dreams,” Damon tells her. “One of us is dead and shouldn’t be having interactive dreams at all.”

“You’re dead, I’m dreaming,” Elena confirms. “Although technically, I’m dead too.”

“This is like a bad comedy sketch,” Damon hisses. “You’re dead. You died of blood loss.”

“You died being a stupid ass,” Elena is deeply unhappy about this and less likely to keep her temper. “Stefan had to go back to Klaus.”

“Stefan told me you died of blood loss,” Damon has stopped fidgeting and is watching her intently. “I never saw a body.”

“Alaric killed you,” Elena cries. “I was all alone when I woke up.”

“I don’t understand,” Damon repeats. “There is no way that this can be happening unless we’re both alive. No matter how much I want to I can’t dream of you as a vampire.”

“I just don’t see how you could be alive. Stefan was so upset. Stefan would not let Klaus keep me, and he wouldn’t lie about you being dead.” Elena is adamant about both points although as she speaks she feels uncertain.

“Stefan would totally lie if it meant I would stop going after Klaus. Klaus was very clear that you were his doppelganger and you were going with him.”

“Stefan would do anything to keep you safe,” Elena mumbles. “Jake told me everyone in Mystic Falls thought I was dead.”

“If you weren’t dead no one would stop looking for you. Klaus would have had to kill us all,” Damon seems to be regressing into deep thought or perhaps a quite murderous rage. “And who the hell is Jake? Wait, Katherine’s Jake? When did he talk to you?”

“He thought I was Katherine once. Tried to rescue me from the hybrids on guard,” Elena answers. Elena can’t believe this is happening and is mostly answering an automatic and trying to figure out if her subconscious is just telling her what she wants to hear. If it is true Elena is impressed with Stefan’s acting. He had seemed so upset and angry with her, and she would never think he’d lie about Damon’s death. “He came back once to talk to me. I told him to stop putting Jeremy in danger.”

“He never said anything,” Damon seems amazed that a human could keep this secret. “Never indicated that he knew you were alive.”

The problem with being a new vampire is that Elena often finds her focus pulled from one issue to another at the littlest of prompting.

“Why is Katherine in Mystic Falls?” Elena growls suddenly. “Near my brother.”

“Because it’s safe from Klaus thanks to Stefan,” Damon clearly still holds a lot of anger towards Klaus, and now a lot of anger towards Stefan.

“I can’t come back to Mystic Falls,” Elena tells Damon. This dream if it’s real is actually killing a lot of birds with one stone. Elena has found out the last three years have been an elaborate lie, and managed to let someone in Mystic Falls know she’s not as dead as previously believed.

“Elena you have to come back to Mystic Falls,” Damon orders. “Jeremy will want to see you.”

Yeah, like Elena believed for one second that Damon was more concerned with how Jeremy wanted to see her.

“I can’t,” Elena repeats. “Klaus must have known Stefan lied. He compelled me to stay away.”

“Of course Klaus knew. Stefan had to clear his diabolical plan with someone. They both think they’re hilarious.”

“Why do I feel like you’re not telling me something?” Elena is wary as she approaches Damon. The amount of eye rolling and hand waving has indicated that Damon is upset. It’s not that she doesn’t think that he has cause, but there has to be another shoe to drop. “Why not leave Mystic Falls and bring Jeremy to where I am?”

“I can send Jeremy and Vampire Barbie to you,” Damon confirms. “But you know Klaus hated me, and body or no body he’d gotten you killed.”

“Damon no, please tell me you weren’t still plotting to kill him. Did Stefan know?”

“Who do you think warned him? Elena if this is your dream can’t I at least get something to drink?”

“I think this is our dream Damon. Stop trying to change the subject, what happened?”

“Klaus compelled me. I can’t leave Mystic Falls.”

Elena wants to scream. The deck is always stacked against them. Not surprisingly this is just one more impossible situation she can’t do anything about thanks to Klaus. It’s a death sentence for Damon to stay in Mystic Falls where in a few years he’ll be revealed to be a vampire and killed.

“For how long?” Elena asks hoping that Klaus had been stupid enough to give Damon a way to escape, or maybe that this was just his version of a time out.

“Well, it used to be 60 years, but Klaus came back last week and changed it to indefinitely. He left with Stefan in a horrible mood. Guess now I know why.”

“He’s not supposed to be in Mystic Falls at all,” Elena objects. Elena knows exactly why he changed the compulsion. “I’ve been a vampire for a month.”

“And you made it to Virginia on your own?”

“Without killing anyone. It’s been hard. I don’t have a daylight ring. I don’t know how much longer I can stay in Virginia for.”

“Klaus has strong compulsion,” Damon agrees. He’s starting to look smug. “You’re stronger Elena. It’s unheard of for a baby vampire not to kill anyone.”

“Caroline only killed one person,” Elena reminds him. “Because she didn’t know what vampires were. She was very strong.”

“Caroline was used,” Damon corrected. “Katherine created her for a reason. It wasn’t a sire bond, but Caroline had things to do. Focus helps.”

“Uh-huh. Well, I’ll keep that in mind. What do we do now?”

“Kill Klaus. Hello, the plan never changed Elena. It’s not like locking me in Mystic Falls suddenly made me like the guy.”

“Great, kill Klaus kill us all. I’m sired by Klaus Damon. If you kill him you kill me.”

“Well when I say kill Klaus I mean permanently incapacitate him and hide him where he’ll never be found to bother us again. We have a plan we’ve been working on we’ll just move up the execution.”

“I hope your plan works better than mine,” Elena responds grumpily. Leave it to Damon. He’s had three years to plan revenge against Klaus and he wasn’t going to stop just because of a little compulsion.

“We’re going to have to talk about your plans Elena. Why didn’t you just call Jeremy? One phone call and we would have known you were alive.”

“He was alive, and that was all that mattered. I wasn’t going to put him at risk. Klaus would leave him alive if I stayed away.”

“So selfish Elena. Your plans always assume that what you want is better for everyone,” Damon’s eyes hold anger. “Three years of your life Elena. Jeremy missed his sister for three years.”

“At least you were all alive to miss me,” Elena hisses. “Killing Klaus or trying to kill Klaus has never ended well. Klaus let me live. What do you think he’s going to do to me and all of you if we start plotting to kill him again?”

“You’re assuming living in fear is better. You told me you died to live. Act like it. Come to Mystic Falls.”

“I can’t. You know I can’t,” Elena answers sadly. “Damon don’t ask the impossible.”

“Where are you?”

Elena provides the directions to where she is staying and she can tell Damon is already plotting. She interrupts him to ask her important question.

“How do you rob a blood bank? I’ve not had any luck at night.”

“Let’s not have you turn into a criminal mastermind yet,” Damon suggests smoothly. “Robbing a blood bank is like a teenage vampire task. Why don’t you drink animal blood?”


“Stay where you are. Don’t attract attention to yourself. I’m sending your brother when I wake up. Don’t eat him.”

“Have him bring blood and it won’t be a problem.”

Elena abruptly wakes up. It’s still light out and there’s nowhere she can go. Elena wonders if she should hope her dream was real. It made sense; it actually made more sense than the idea that Damon was dead. Elena hated to let herself hope, but she would give it today and tonight. If Jeremy came Elena would know it was true and Damon was alive. And then she would kick Stefan’s ass.



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