Title: Written Dreams 9/10
Author: [personal profile] ninj AKA [livejournal.com profile] hisui_ryoshi
Pairings: Damon/Elena
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3.21 to be safe
Word Count: 2,206
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Not at all. No profit is being made from this work.
Summary: Prompt fill for Elena Gilbert Comment!Ficathon prompted by [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops I’m just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.

It’s nearing sunset and Elena has been pacing her room for hours. She has come to the realization she never actually gave Damon the name of where she was staying. She’s worried that Jeremy won’t be able to find her. Then what will she do? Then again, she had been a vampire for three weeks. How hard was it to find a baby vampire who had to feed? What’s worse was that due to all the pacing she was doing sometimes at supernatural vampire speed she was hungry. If Jeremy did find her he better have blood bags or she would have to leave to avoid hurting him.

The sun sets and Elena flings open the door ready to go and hunt. Elena feels sorry for her prey this night she knows they’ll have some interesting scars. Elena makes it two steps out the door before something or rather someone slams into her and she finds herself back inside her hotel room pinned to a wall. She snarls at the intruder and is somewhat startled when they snarl back.

“Cut it out Elena,” Caroline’s displeased voice mixes with the sound of cracking plaster as Elena is pushed back up against the wall once more. Elena stills although she can tell she still has her vamp face on.

“Caroline?” Elena questions relieved to see a friendly face for the first time in years. However her attention is pulled away suddenly and completely as a heartbeat enters the room. She can feel the blood pulsing a few short feet away. She holds herself in place as best she can and pleads to Caroline “Don’t let go.”

“Hungry Elena?” the heartbeat speaks. It’s a voice she knows well “I brought blood like he said, but I don’t know if I should give it to you. I mean you did pretend to be dead for three years.”

“Jeremy,” Caroline hisses. “She’ll rip out your throat; she’s already way too excited.”

“I haven’t killed anyone yet,” Elena objects. “But give me the blood bags because I’d really hate to start with you.”

Jeremy picks three blood bags out of a duffle slung over his shoulder. Elena goes still and tries to focus on those bags instead of his pulse which is much more interesting. The problem with hunting humans is that as a predator that’s what Elena wants to do. Seeing her blood delivered in neat little plastic bags is nowhere near as interesting or compelling to the predator in her.

“I was told to give you three and see how you did,” Jeremy explains. He must have gotten smarter in the last few years because he passes the bags off to Caroline instead of getting closer.

“I hope you’re a neat eater because this is a new dress,” Caroline opens the first bag and hands it to Elena. Elena manages not to rip it away from her and to drink it neatly.

The predator in her definitely does not appreciate cold blood. It’s nowhere near as interesting as chasing people and feeling their blood pound in their veins in terror as she maims them for what she wants. Elena has discovered that being a vampire is just as disturbing as she thought it might be. She finishes the first bag and Caroline hands her the second while letting go of her tentatively and taking a small step back.

“She seems to have good control,” Jeremy observes, but he remains by the door and makes no moves to come closer.

“I don’t kill people, just leave them with scars,” Elena is trying to be reassuring to Jeremy because now that some of the blood lust has satiated she does in fact know who he is and because of all her heightened vampire emotions she’s very aware of how much she did miss him. Elena doesn’t want him to be afraid of her. Finishing the second blood bag she tries to move forward closer to Jeremy only to be stopped by Caroline again.

“Finish the third bag before you go to him,” Caroline orders handing it off to her. While Elena is no longer starving she’s already learned not pass up on blood. She starts to drink the third bag. It’s disgusting. It must be some rare blood type and Elena is never drinking it again. She finishes half of it and tries to hand it back.

“What is this?” Elena asks. “It’s awful.”

“Finish it,” Jeremy orders. His eyes are fixed on the half that is left. “You have to finish it.”

“I’m not going to eat you Jeremy. Really, two and a half bags is enough. This is nasty.”

“Jeremy is right,” Caroline has her resolve face on. “Baby vampires need to be well fed around humans. Finish it.”

Elena reluctantly goes back to drinking the rest of the blood. She tries to gulp down as much as she can without tasting it. She finishes and bolts into the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she comes out Caroline is excited and Jeremy is nowhere in sight, but she thinks she can hear him in the parking lot.

“I should hit you for not telling us you were alive Elena,” Caroline though clearly happy to see her is not happy with her. “We all thought you were dead. The whole point was to keep you alive.”

“I’m sorry?” Elena offers tentatively. It’s just that, well, she thought it would be easier for them without her. “How have you been Caroline?”

“Well, mostly fine. Things have been difficult with the council. It didn’t help when Damon thought you were dead and lost it. You owe me for that alone. Damon is worse than Stefan.”

“Did he tell you what happened?” Elena asks. She has already packed all her belongings and she’s ready to leave trying to indicate that to Caroline with her forward motions towards the door.

Further discussion and Elena’s forward progress are interrupted by Jeremy re-entering the room. Without comment he picks up Elena’s bags which are by the door.

“Let’s go. No daylight ring means we need to keep moving,” Jeremy seems chipper and determined. Not just to get Elena out of here, but to stay away from Elena herself. Elena feels like she has a lot of apologizing to do.

“Where are we going?” Elena questions as she picks up her one other bag with her laptop and the book she’s started writing again and follows Jeremy out to Caroline’s car. “I can’t go to Mystic Falls.”

“Damon doesn’t think that’s true, and we think he may be right,” Caroline counters. “You’re the doppelganger Elena, you have to have some perks.”

“Klaus compelled Katherine,” Elena responds and just like that she’s distracted herself again. “Does Katherine know?”

“Damon almost killed Jake and so yes, Katherine knows. Stefan is gone with Klaus or I’m sure there would have been more trouble,” Jeremy looks grim. “Damon wouldn’t explain why he went after Jake and by the time we got him off Jake he wasn’t able to talk. What was that all about?”

“Please, you’re not stupid. Damon would only get that angry for one reason. Jake knew I was alive. He and Katherine were in Wisconsin once and he mistook me for her. He came back once to talk to me.”

“Well he never said anything about it to anyone.”

“No Jeremy. He seemed to like you all alive. I stressed to him that if he wanted to stay alive and he wanted all of you to stay alive he shouldn’t anger Klaus by letting you know I was alive.”

“How long did he know?”

“Four months. You should really thank him Jeremy. Talking to him made me realize I was being stupid. I wanted to live my life.”

“Yeah, I’ll get right on thanking him for making you want to be a vampire. You have the worst plans ever Elena!” They had started driving a while ago and Elena is grateful that Caroline is driving because not only is Jeremy shouting, but there are hand waves accompanying his shouting.

“Well, four months is better than the entire time,” Caroline breaks in diplomatically, than her eyes darken. “Although Stefan is sure going to have some explaining to do.”

“Stefan was trying to protect his brother,” Elena defends. Elena’s not sure why she’s defending Stefan because she knows if given half a chance she’d be smashing him into walls for lying no matter how much she understands it.

“Don’t even get me started,” Jeremy warns turning around and thrusting a finger at her. “Do not! You and Stefan can’t just keep making these choices for everyone around you.”

Elena decides and abrupt subject change is in order before she gets angry. It’s been three years since anyone argued with her outside a classroom. Arguing with a younger brother after becoming a vampire is a challenge that Elena doesn’t feel up to facing at the moment. It’s important for her not to go through extreme emotions. Really, since becoming a vampire Elena has a lot more sympathy for all vampires because she’s starting to discover just how hard it is not to kill people all the time.

“Why does Damon think I can come to Mystic Falls?”

“He thinks you just believe you’re compelled but that because you’re the Doppelganger sired by an Original you might not be normal,” Caroline doesn’t hesitate to explain. “Katherine told him it’s a total load of wishful thinking because he just wants to see you again.”

“But it appears to be true,” Jeremy tells her. “That you’re not normal.”

“Thanks Jer,” Elena reaches forward and pushes gently at his shoulder. “Make a girl feel special.”

“Well, we’re going to find out. How do you feel about blindfolds?” Caroline asks trying to flash Elena a cheerful smile in the rear-view mirror. “Think of where we’re going as top secret.”

“Caroline why can’t you tell me?”

“Elena, why couldn’t you tell us you were alive? Stop asking questions and just do as you’re told,” Jeremy tosses her a blindfold and it’s clear that he’s still not pleased with her.

Elena feels a deep sense of foreboding connected to the idea of taking away one of her senses, but she knows they’re not driving towards Mystic Falls. She’s not sure where it comes from, but she just has this vision of her hitting an invisible wall that surrounds Mystic Falls at 50 miles per hour and it’s not pretty. Jeremy however, has not let up on his hard stare and so Elena reluctantly places the blindfold on and secures it.

“How long do I have to wear this for?”

“Until we get there,” Jeremy answers. “So Elena, what have you been doing the last three years other than not telling us you were alive?”

“Going to college, trying to write a book,” Elena answers. “You know, normal girl stuff.”

“You went to college!” Caroline shrieks. “Klaus sent you to college!”

Elena spends an unknown number of hours explaining to Caroline and Jeremy bits about her life. She isn’t sure if she should try and explain how empty she was. Elena had woken up and Klaus had won everything. So many people who mattered to her where dead or hurt. Elena can’t even explain to herself why it took three years to get her act together and do something. Jeremy and Caroline offer little in return about what has happened in Mystic Falls.

“So is winter in Wisconsin really that bad?” Jeremy finally asks. It’s clear he’s looking for lighter conversation topics.

“Yes, I’ll be glad to never go back there,” Elena answers. “Summer is actually really nice, but I don’t think I can go back. I was so empty there.”

The problem with the ordeals of Mystic Falls was that Elena wasn’t the only one who had suffered. So while it was certainly understandable that she was traumatized so was everyone else. And for the most part they had dealt with their trauma together and Elena and let them believe she was dead which added to it. It would be difficult for everyone to recover from.

“We’re almost there Elena, have another blood bag,” Caroline instructs.

Negotiating drinking a blood bag in a moving car while blindfolded was not very easy but Elena managed without getting blood all over herself. Thankfully, Elena is also given the good blood and not the nasty stuff she’d had last. Elena finishes the bag and hands it back to Jeremy who seems to be the keeper of the trash.

“Can I take this off yet?” Elena asks as the vehicle slows down. Being blindfolded in the backseat is not that different from being locked in the back of Alaric’s trunk after all.

“Soon,” Caroline answers. She sounds tense and Jeremy’s pulse is speeding up.

“Soon will be when the car stops,” Elena warns softly. “Between you and Jeremy you’re pinging every danger instinct I think I have.”

The car stops and Elena can hear Caroline turning but it doesn’t matter she’s ripping off the blindfold and bolting out of the car as fast as she can. Elena finds herself standing in front of a boarding house she thought she’d never see again.

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