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([personal profile] ninj Aug. 27th, 2012 06:25 pm)
I'm alive!

Umm, irl things are still up in the air. Tis sad. Plus you know hurricane in the gulf. Actually had two conference calls at work today about it. Whee!

Because I need cheering up, and a distraction from my own head space I'm likely to do the following. I had to drop out of my TVD big bang which (still) makes me super sad because it looks like there aren't that many people who are going to finish. Some who are, I am very excited for. Anyway, I will probably do this and I encourage other flist members to do it too.

The TVD Fic Exchange
Round One: Make a Wish

September 1st - September 7th => sign-ups
September 14th => we send out the assignments
October 31st => fics are due
November 5th => posting


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