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( Oct. 21st, 2015 02:08 pm)
Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, I would like to say thank you! I am going to enjoy whatever you write. I am pretty open to different stories so don’t feel too bound by my flailing thoughts below. As far as squicks or things I don’t particularly want to read about they include non-con, torture related gore, humiliation, and character death outside of cannon. Violence in the context of battle, or missions, or just hijinks is fine. Injury for the hurt/comfort is also fine as long as everyone is alive in the end.

I’m requesting in three fandoms and I’m fine with any of the characters in all of them making an appearance. I indicated my favorites, but please don’t take that as binding. For the most part I’m down with relationship stories. The inner workings, other people's viewpoints or observations of them. These characters are all complex human beings and it doesn’t have to be romantic. They have professional and familial relationships too. I guess I’m saying no matter who appears I’m very character driven. POV or alternating POV situations are blessed.

Characters: Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette, Laurens, George Washington
-If you can/want to do something in letter format that would be wonderful. Hamilton wrote so many letters. I’m interested in the relationships between all these characters mostly during the war. However, I would be thrilled by just about any snarky correspondence. Period appropriate language is not necessary.
-Alexander writing to these characters to complain about other characters (Jefferson, Burr cough, cough).
-Alexander’s relationship with Washington once he had stepped down. Did they complain about the Adams administration? Does Washington ever wonder if Alexander is going to calm down? Does he bemoan Jefferson and Alexander never getting along?

Fandom: Hidden Legacy-Ilona Andrews
Characters: All
-All the sexual tension between Rogan and Nevada. Points for being forced to interact in some way when he knows she’s trying to avoid him.
-I would love Grandma to be rooting for Rogan in some way. The family teasing/support is wonderful.
-Perhaps Rogan is done being ignored and runs a mission with Bern instead? Nevada responds in a less than pleased fashion for getting her family involved?
-Augustine lures Nevada away from Rogan for a work thing. Rogan and Augustine argue over Nevada-Professionally not romantically.

Fandom: Sense8
Characters: Lito, Hernando, Daniela Velasquez
-Anything about these three and their ongoing relationship.
-can definitely include all the other characters
-would love to see a future fic about them. Does Daniela stay with them? Does she come and go but she’s always welcome?
-How the different members of the cluster view/relate to each others significant others.

I hope this gives you some ideas. No matter what you write I’m going to be thrilled. Thank you for your efforts!


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