Hello Author!

First of all, I will love anything you write. I’m excited to read about any of these prompts. Please do not feel bound to fit everything in. If one of my prompts gives you an idea for something, feel free to run with it. I know this is a relationship based exchange, and these different ships all make me happy. Please know that anything is welcome from fluff to more explicit works. Whatever your comfort zone is as long as my DNW are not included I’ll enjoy every word of it. Thank you so much for writing for me!

You can find my writing on AO3 under Ninj

Do Not Wants

-Non-Canon character death. If you need to reference a character that is already dead that’s fine. But I’d like all my requested characters to make it through the story. Canon levels of violence are acceptable for all fandoms-meaning if you do a battle scene for some reason, I understand things happen.

-As far as relationship/kinks please no A/B/O, Mpreg, noncon, or humiliation. Also, no watersports or bestiality.

-Please no kid fic.

Star Wars


-I call them my OT3 in space. I feel lots of things about them, and their future, and their relationships to the original three. So anything that explores that would be wonderful. Some more specific prompts are below. Inclusion of any other characters canon or original are fine.

-Rey returning with Luke. Assuming Finn woke up while she was gone, what does this mean for her and Finn? What is Finn going to be doing now in the resistance? How does Poe feel about this girl he hardly knows?

-Any mission based fic. Two pilots and a former stormtrooper. What could go wrong?

-Speculation on their relationship further in the future. They’ve stopped Snoke/First Order. Do they separate for a time and find each other again?

Check Please

Eric Bittle/Kent Parson/Jack Zimmerman

Inclusion of any other canon characters is fine. I don’t know much about irl hockey players so you can include them based on your own knowledge/desire. However, RPF is not my thing so please do not include information about their relationships.

-Post graduation Bittle ends up with a job in Vegas. Can already have a relationship with Zimmerman or not. Anyway, now that he’s working their Parse and Bittle get to know each other.

-Parse and Zimmerman end up on the same team. However you want that to happen. Bitty pines over them both. Curses that they now play on the same team and he’s exposed to their amazingness all the time.

Eric Bittle/Jack Zimmerman

I don’t have any specific prompts about these two. Really anything where they finally figure out that they’re stupid for each other. At any time. Is it way in the future? Does graduation wake Jack up? Does Bitty’s graduation force him to take a chance? I don’t know, but I bet anyway it happens will be amazing.

Jurassic World

Owen Grady & The Raptor Squad

For this you could do a few things. I’d be ok with reading about their relationship pre-disaster. I’d also love to see what happens after. Arguably the only dino’s that were free were Rexy Sue and Blue. Does anyone care about the welfare of the others? does anyone go back? Does Owen go back to take Blue to the other island? Did other raptor’s survive? How about the park? Does it re-open?

Any canon characters from any of the movies are welcome. Special points if you can get Alan Grant and Owen Grady around raptor’s together. Obviously, it’s not a pairing so no relationship necessary.


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