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Dear Author,

Thank you for writing for me! I appreciate your efforts and can’t wait to read it.

A few things I really like pretty much across the board
-fake relationship for a case/any situation
-unexpected reunions (backstory of why there needs to be a reunion up to you)

For all fandoms and pairings requested I have some do not wants:

-No character death outside of canon death that has already occurred.
-No extreme gore or torture. Canon level violence is fine. Obviously, for iZombie there’s a certain amount of brain consumption that is acceptable.
-No alternate universe settings. Canon divergence is fine, but I would appreciate it if everything took place in the same setting as canon. Time jumps, fork in the road is all ok with me.
-Please no graphic rape/non-con. Really, I would prefer that this is kept out of the story altogether. Dub-Con is fine.
-No kid fic
-If you want to get kinky, I don’t object. However, please no a/b/o, watersports, or humiliation.

Some specific ideas are below under the .


-All other characters are always welcome to make an appearance. Certainly, if it’s case fic I would appreciate Ravi and Clive having some input.
-If you are writing future fic I am fine with the idea of a cure. However, I am not fine with anything where they were never zombies.
-Case fic. All the case fic. In light of the newest episodes, what would make Blaine and Liv work together and have Clive be ok with it?
-Future meet up-Zombies optional. However, I would really love to see if Liv and Blaine run into each other years later and were each under the impression the other was dead for some reason.

Cormoran Strike
Cormoran Strike/Robin Ellacott

-For this ship what I love is their working relationship. They work really well together, and I enjoy their dynamic a lot. As a result any sort of case fic for this would be wonderful.
-If you want to go in a romantic direction with this couple, please do not have any outright cheating.
-I’m pretty sure this is the relationship fake dating for a case was made for.
-Anything about Robin or from her point of view would be lovely.

The 100
Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin
Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin/Raven Reyes

-I don’t think either character is weak, but I think they process things very differently. The sense I’m getting is that after Mount Weather Clarke wants to take a huge step back from being in charge of other people. However, I don’t think her personality will necessarily let her. I think the push each other to grow as leaders.
-This paring workings for me both romantically and as platonic committed leader relationship. So whichever fits your fancy for any of these prompts works for me.
-I realize this prompt is going to get jossed fairly quickly-but their relationship after Clarke’s immediate return.
-5 year time jump. What’s changed? How are they leading? Can be romantic or political.
-Bellamy starts making Clarke go out on missions and patrols instead of letting her stay in camp.
-all supporting characters welcome.
-Stories about bringing Raven into their dynamic. Especially if it comes through Clarke and Raven becoming closer after her return. Raven is close to both of them, and they slowly realize they're meant to be leaders/in a relationship together. I think she brings a nice element of practically and inventiveness to the relationship.

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