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Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, thank you so much for writing for me! I really enjoy this exchange. Although I’ve offered several prompts for each fandom below they’re fairly non-specific. In general, I really enjoy the characters I’ve requested and the fandoms. Feel free to flesh out your stories with additional characters both from canon and original as needed.I do prefer that all stories be set in their canon universe. Please do not feel hemmed in by my prompts-as long as the story doesn’t contain any DNW’s I will be thrilled.

Things I Do Not Want

  • Permanent character death

  • Graphic torture

  • A/B/O, MPREG

  • Infidelity

  • Animal Harm/Death

  • Character/Ship bashing

General Things I Like

  • Heist/Adventure Stories

  • Alternating POV

  • Going back and looking at event from another character’s perspective

  • Future fic

The Last Kingdom

Uhtred, Brida, Ragnar Ragnarsson

I want to know more about these characters and their past. It’s clear by the fact that Uhtred and Brida think Ragnar will believe them that they have a close relationship. I ship it in any combination you want to go with, or I’m fine with gen fic. Stories about their past or future relationship would be wonderful. I’m not too familiar with the actual historical details of this show, so feel free to go in an alternate direction from history.

General Prompts

  • A past adventure-maybe Uhtred and Ragnar return from a battle

  • Uthred left Ragnar and Brida in the custody of the king. Does he ever come back for them? What do they think?

  • Ragnar and Brida are released-do they go looking for Uthred?

Now You See Me (Movies)

Dylan Rhodes, J.Daniel Atlas, Jack Wilder, Henley Reeves

This is clearly the fandom made for heist shenanigans. I really loved the original movie, and I like all the characters. I don’t have any particular shipping preferences for this fandom, but I’m not opposed to any either.

General Prompts

  • Heist Shenanigans (surprise!) Although the second movie states they had to lay low do you really think that these characters didn’t get bored? Maybe they did something small to say goodbye to Henley?

  • Henley comes back? I don’t mind Lula, but I would love for Henley to come back too. Maybe in the future.

  • They may be talented, but god they’re also annoying. Dylan trying to manage his crew or his crew trying to manage Dylan.

  • What comes next? Nothing was as it seemed, but what do they do next?

The Spiritwalker Trilogy

Andevai Diarisso Haranwy, Beatrice Hassi Barahal, Catherine Bell Barahal

I’m currently in the process of re-reading this series and I just love the world building. Anything that these characters do is bound to be interesting. Cat worked so hard to make her life and her relationships work I’d love to see her thoughts on the process or the other characters thoughts on the process.

General Prompts

  • Anything set during canon from another character’s perspective

  • Cat and Vai solving problems.

  • Political world building

  • Bee and Cat enjoying sister time. Vai contemplating their relationship.


Riley Blue, Will Gorski

I’m think that there’s lot of ways the relationship between these two characters could go. I’d especially love an immediate future fic dealing with what happened with Riley. I ship it I do, but I also don’t mind if it’s gen. I love the idea of the cluster so much, and their found family dynamic. I do not mind at all if other cluster members are included in this story for whatever reason.

General Prompts

  • Immediate aftermath of Riley escaping

  • Any story about them in the future, maybe they’re finally caught together and have to escape?

  • Future fic once everything has settled down.
 Dear Trick or Treat Author,

I am so excited that you are writing for me! Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I'm open to a lot of things. In this case ship any of the characters if you want to unless it's in the DNW category below. I don't mind non-relationship fic either. Don't feel limited by my prompts specifically. I hope they just give you a general direction. 

General Things I Like for Tricks:

-Psychological horror

-Anything where it’s in their head

-Suspenseful situations

General Things I Like for Treats:

-Fluff. All the fluff.

-Slice of life/Case Fic

-Future Fic

General Things I Don’t Like or DNW:  

-Animal Abuse/Death

-Bodily Waste Fluids



-Sexual Violence (Threats of sexual violence that end at threats are ok)

-Extreme or graphic mutilation

Star Trek AOS

Characters: James T. Kirk, Jaylah, Leonard “Bones” McCoy


-Jaylah’s attempts to find a new a new home in Starfleet

-The Enterprise Crew has clearly accepted Jaylah, what do they do to make a place for her once she’s done with Starfleet training

-Future space adventures fun or terrifying in any combination

Veronica Mars

Characters: Veronica Mars, Keith Mars, Logan Echollos


-Case fic

-Multiple looks at their different relationships over time-past, present, future

-Keith and Logan team up and are rescued by Veronica

Person of Interest

Characters: Sameen Shaw, Root, Bear, The Machine


-Retrospective relationship thoughts (romantic or platonic) of their years together

-Bear’s thoughts on any of the above characters

-The future

-Sometimes habits are hard to break, case fic.

-Revisit a past case-how could it have gone wrong

-They know they’re being watched in the future-no idea who or why

Jurassic Park

Characters: Sarah Harding, Kelly Malcolm, Lex Murphy, Claire Dearing


-Annual meetup to remember that they’ve survived

-What to do about the park next

-Somehow they’re all trapped in the park

-Another exciting dino adventure?

-Supporting Claire in the aftermath


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