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( May. 10th, 2012 08:57 pm)
*edited entry*

So in looking back this entry had no cut text other than what was below. I tried to edit it and got junk for text. So I had written a summary of all the feelings I had during the last episode, but I don't feel the same way now so it'd be hard to go back and write. Sorry for the confusion.

I got my season two DVDs the other day. I'm going to take refuge in them...or Buffy.

In addition to season two of TVD I'm taking delight in season one of The West Wing. Which is interesting. And re-watching season three of Supernatural.
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( May. 3rd, 2012 08:52 pm)
Spoilers underneath the cut for my predicted end to this season of TVD so for everything through 3.21. Warning this was made a mere few minutes after 3.21 and it may not be coherent? Some review of this current episode, but mostly just my prediction for the end.

Memories are..... )

In other exciting news-Best Buy is having sale on all CW shows and related spin offs (SPN anime) where everything was 19.99. Including Blue Ray DVD's. I now have the last season of Supernatural and Season Two of TVD.

Both shows were picked up for another season! So many good things.

In less happy personal news-Chris got called into work last night meaning he's working 60 straight hours. Sleeping alone for three nights is no fun. I only got married to have a warm person sized pillow, and I object to its frequent absence.
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( Apr. 27th, 2012 06:13 pm)
Soooo....I wrote fanfic. I just can't. I totally blame other people in TVD fandom who make awesome comment fic posts. Anyway, I wrote one, and haven't heard anything. It's not that good, I know it's not, but that's ok. It was totally fun to write. I haven't written in ages. I picked two of the comment prompts to try and write, and the first one totally wrote itself.

The second is trying to develop a plot. It is trying to be the rest of the season of said show. It is also definitely not trying to fill the prompt. I may have to give up on the prompt and just write the end of the season as an AU. I'm halfway in cahoots with the writers in terms of plot anyway, I just happen to think there's less character assassination in mine. It will not end well for my ship. I don't think I can write my ship and that's a bad sign.

Spoilers for show under cut

It was sad )
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( Apr. 23rd, 2012 09:37 pm)

An Elena Gilbert comment!ficathon
(click on the picture)
So I'm an awful fandom participant. Last night I had this big 'relationships in shows' rant typed up with some observations about what I see people criticizing about fictional relationships and how unhealthy they are. Which got me to thinking about real relationships how none of them are healthy or are very problematic in the same ways. It was all very clear in my head last night, but then the partner in my relationship demanded I put the computer down and do his laundry/pay attention to him :/. So it will be happening someday.

Main though however, is that characters with flaws are a good thing. Repeat after me: GOOD THING. No character is perfect, and if they are there are major problems tbh. I would not want to watch a show with perfect characters.

So before I launch on my big long thought out meta rant at an unknown future date, I'll end with my own mini rant which is Vampire Diaries related and under the cut. There are SPOILERS for the episode from 4/19/12 which is either 3x19 or 3x20.

If you were a boy we'd be cheering for you )

As an update on the River situation: she's staying for now. My husband, who does not even like this dog, refuses to get rid of her. Because she is deathly afraid of thunderstorms and tore up the second bedroom for the dogs he bought an outdoor dog pen, and now wants to keep her outside during the storms. I am skeptical. I am deeply, deeply skeptical that this will work and not end in blood/tears. That's the way things are for now.


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