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( Sep. 13th, 2009 07:35 pm)
Freedom feels good. I can honestly say now that the second season of True Blood is over I feel no compulsion to see third season. I will miss ASkars who I think is amazing, but ugh. The changes they made from the books kills me interest. It was much easier then I anticipated because I really thought I'd be more interested in the third season. So, this is good. One more show off my list.

Work has been interesting. We're working some OT, but there is only one week left before we are cut off again. I guess I should be happy that management just expects us to do our job? I don't know.

I am enjoying watching the Bears and Packers play. I'm surprised it's on the west coast. Right now the Packers are winning. I hope that lasts all the way through the game. It would be nice.

Dr. Horrible won an Emmy. Yay!
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( Jan. 4th, 2009 08:36 pm)
Velcro has become public enemy number one in our home. We're not sure why, the party who decreed this is remaining tight lipped. So it remains hidden where both it and we are safe. Someday this will all make sense to you loyal readers, I swear.

I just bought Dr. Horrible from iTunes. I wished I'd thought about it though and gotten the version from Amazon. I forgot about the singing commentary. How is this possible you might ask? I have no idea. Still, I watched it and I enjoyed it very much the second time. Woot. New music (because the soundtrack was also purchased).

The new year is looking good so far. I spent some time at home in WI and got to see Chex. Which was nice. She's having a rough time of it. We've made a joint resolution to keep family members out of the hospital. Because that just sucks. We only got to visit for a few hours, but I miss my roommate. It was good times. I also got to see my family including all my grandparents. I hear the big draw was Chris and I. It was good to see them. We played lots of games and were generally lazy. It was a good visit.

Then Chris and I flew home to Fresno only to rest for two hours before driving down to LA to spend time with his family for New Years. It was a lot of fun. Took the dogs to the beach in a disaster beach trip. Scout nearly ripped my arm out and was growling at small dogs. He's never this bad off leash, but he WOULD.NOT.LISTEN. So I had to keep him on leash. Not the best beach trip ever. Totally made up for by the fact that Scout was very good at all other times this weekend. It's just frustrating that for every step forward with him we go back. And he's practically THREE. Settle down already. That said plans are being made for him to join us in June even if we're in Fresno or somewhere else. don't ask where the somewhere else is because I don't know.

Air National Guard is more up in the air (haha, sorry) then I thought it was and it appears that it's going to stay that way. They're willing to do the evaluations but Chris won't take time off school and isn't sure he wants to saddle us with a three year contract to stay in Fresno. I'm not sure either. So we'll see how that goes.

I start work again tomorrow. I'm glad to be earning money again, but ugh. Back to getting up at five thirty.


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