Title: Written Dreams 4/?
Author: [personal profile] ninj AKA [livejournal.com profile] hisui_ryoshi
Pairings: Damon/Elena
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3.21 to be safe
Word Count: 1,697
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Not at all. No profit is being made from this work.
Summary: Prompt fill for Elena Gilbert Comment!Ficathon prompted by [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops I’m just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.

Elena wakes up. She’s sure she’s awake because this time things aren’t blurry. There are also hospital monitors beeping and she never dreams about them. Although as Elena looks around it doesn’t appear she’s in a hospital. She looks at the wires she’s attached to-they look like a fluid IV and heart rate monitor. She doesn’t think and pulls everything out of her arm.

Elena is only mildly surprised to see that her arms are healed. She’s wearing a hospital gown, but there’s a robe hanging on the back of the door to what she hopes is a bathroom. She gets up slowly surprised by how weak she still feels and has just placed the robe on when the door bursts open and Klaus storms in.

Klaus looks surprised to find he bed empty, and somewhat equally surprised to find her in the innocent act of standing in the bathroom door.

“Well you’re awake,” Klaus sits down in one of the chairs near the bed and pulls out a phone. “I guess this means you’ll live.”

“What happened?” Elena can’t help but ask. This is not what she had wanted to wake up to. This is not what she had thought she’d wake up to.

“I won. What did you think would happen? “Klaus seems amused. Elena guessed he was smug too.
Stefan walks into the room, but little emotion shows in his eyes or posture. Stefan stands behind Klaus and examines Elena. Looks like they’re best friends again.

“How long?” Elena expects to hear it’s been a few days, and that she’s now a human blood bag.

“Two months. You kept trying to die,” Stefan tells her this little emotion. It’s like he’s reciting facts out of a report. “Esther cast a spell or something; we couldn’t give you vampire blood to heal. It’s warned off now, but you still wouldn’t wake.”

“I killed her. I killed Alaric. You should thank me,” Klaus is just as emotionless only he seems to be goading her as always. “You’re safe.”

Elena snorts. In a room with two killers who want her blood she feels anything but safe. She feels anything but thankful. Dreaming of dying was less painful than this reality. She is sad to hear of Alaric’s death.

“Thank you for saving me from Esther and Alaric,” If Elena is Klaus prisoner it’s better to be on his good side. Stefan’s face takes on a distinctly uncomfortable expression at her words.

“Oh no love, I didn’t save you. Your life pales in comparison to my own,” Klaus is matter of fact about where her life fits in the scheme of things. “Tell her Stefan.”

“Damon saved you.” Stefan looks like he may choke on these words. He refuses to look at Elena. Momentarily Elena can see emotion fill his eyes again, before a shield slams down and there is just empty indifference once again.

Elena should have known. She knows she dreamed about him, and that it was real. She knows she was happy in the dream, but at the moment the details elude her. It’s been two months since she and Damon talked in her dream. Two months with Klaus. Damon would never let Klaus keep her; he had to be on their heels causing trouble.

“Don’t kill him,” Elena pleads to Klaus. “Please.”

“It’s hard to kill someone who’s already dead,” Klaus doesn’t look sorry. His eyes twinkle as he examines the effect his words have on her. “Alaric killed him when he tried to avenge you. Everyone was sure you were going to die. Damon was most upset.”

Elena doesn’t understand. What Klaus is saying can’t be true. But Elena can see the truth of it in Stefan who continues to refuse to look at her. Who is radiating anger, before he looks up at Klaus and leaves the room at vampire speed.

“Go away,” Elena tells Klaus softly as she sinks into another chair. “Just go away.”

Klaus stands and walks over to her. He is surprisingly gentle as he grabs her chin and tilts her head up to look her in the eye.

“I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to get you and keep you alive,” Klaus speaks softly. Elena knows he’s not wrong. “Jeremy and the rest of your friends are still alive. Try to escape by any means and they won’t be.”

“I understand. Please just go.”

Elena is left in silence. Elena wonders why she woke up. Hours go by and she sits there numb. She remembers how sure she had been she was going to die. She remembers how badly she had wanted to live. This wasn’t what she had wanted to live for.

Hours later she can tell it’s getting dark. The door opens and a woman walks in carrying a tray of food. She sets it down on a table and looks at Elena.

“My name is Elizabeth. I was the nurse who’s been caring for you. Now that you’re awake that won’t be necessary. I’ll just do a brief exam and be on my way. Make sure you eat to keep your strength up. Mild foods for now. There are clothes in the dresser and closet for you to change into now that you’re awake.”

Elizabeth conducts her brief exam without further comment. She leaves as soon as she has finished. Elena is fine.

Elena eats her meal in silence. She doesn’t feel like eating, but she does reminding herself that she has to. After eating she showers and changes in pajamas. She feels exhausted even after such a brief day and so she sleeps.

Days go by in this pattern. Elizabeth doesn’t come back, but another girl brings her food. It’s clear she’s a hybrid. Once Stefan brings her food, but he can’t even look at her. He doesn’t speak. Elena spends most of her time in a window seat looking at a garden. She very carefully doesn’t think of anything at all.

Elena isn’t really sure how many days or weeks have gone by when Klaus storms into her room. She hasn’t given blood since she woke up and wonders if that’s what he’s here for. The nurse Elizabeth follows at his heals and so is another woman Elena isn’t familiar with.

“Fix her,” Klaus commands.

“Fix what?” Elizabeth asks as she starts poking and prodding at Elena. “There’s nothing physically wrong with her. I guess she could exercise more, but otherwise she’s fine.”

Elena doesn’t feel fine. Elena just feels empty. She hasn’t said a word, and she only watches Klaus out of half remembered fear. Although the honest truth is she’s safest here than she has been in years.

Klaus gestures at the other woman. “Check her for compulsion or a spell. Elizabeth get Stefan.”

Elena decides the other woman must be a witch. The witch finds no traces of compulsion or a spell. Elena is not compelled. Elena is just not sure what she’s supposed to care about now. The door bangs open and Stefan stalks in. He gives her a dismissive glance and goes to Klaus.

“She seems fine to me,” Stefan states. “A personality change doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong.”

For just a second Elena feels a nearly overwhelming urge to snap at Stefan that he would know. To challenge Stefan about what he was doing here with Klaus. But then Elena knows-Damon had gotten killed and Klaus was all that was left for both of them.

“She’s not compelled Stefan. Tell me you’re not surprised she hasn’t tried to escape or kill us all in our sleep. She’s a Petrova! They have fire not this listlessness. She’s not fun like this Stefan.”

At this Stefan starts to look concerned. The same feeling rises in Elena. A bored Klaus tended to be a creative Klaus, and what was fun to Klaus tended to be very painful to those caught up in it. Elena thinks for the first time of escape, and remembers that Jeremy is alive only so long as she is here.

“Send her away,” Stefan advises. “Why let her ruin your home? Rebekah will come back if she’s gone. Send her to college or to be a hermit. It’s not like you can’t get your blood.”

Elena is shocked. Actually, to be more correct she’s deeply shocked. She had assumed she’d be stuck in this house forever. After all, Klaus had basically proven he would win if only be default. Elena almost speaks up to say what she wants, but remembers that Klaus has never cared what she wanted. Klaus however, seems to like making Stefan happy.

“She’ll get killed within a week,” Klaus returns. “She’ll find trouble before we can get a mile out of town.”

“She got Damon killed Klaus. I don’t want her here. You can protect her from a distance. You’ve graphically demonstrated what you’ll do to anyone who gets in your way. Send her away.”

It would hurt to know how much Stefan doesn’t want her around. But Stefan and Damon had been closer in those last days than in years. The Petrova women had always destroyed their relationship. In the end she was no better than Katherine, and she hadn’t even had to choose to break them apart.

Klaus looks speculative. He stalks to Elena who stands to face him.

“Well, maybe not all is lost,” Klaus murmurs. “You’ll take my blood if you go. If you were to do something stupid, or someone else were to kill you I’d want you to wake to my extreme displeasure. We’ll discuss this further Stefan. I’d think you’d want to hold onto your past.”

They leave and Elena sits. Elena thought that this was it, she was going to die sitting in this room, and her story had ended. Elena is surprised to realize that this isn’t the case. She’s not in love with a vampire anymore. Well, that’s a lie because if she were honest with herself she’s spent weeks sitting in a window mourning the vampires she’d loved. Stefan, Damon and in the end Alaric. Now Elena turned away from the past and looked toward an unexpected normal future.



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