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( Jul. 31st, 2009 06:56 pm)
Yesterday I helped build a playground in six hours. It was a lot of fun. Today I am ouchy. First of all when they gave me my name tag sticker and it had Hello Kitty on it, I foolishly took that as a bad sign. I thought for sure I was doomed to end up doing some piddling job. And there was the mother of all mulch piles off to the side. I was wrong. Today, I'm alternating between wishing I had been right and feeling very accomplished. The Hello Kitty Team? Yeah, we did decks and poles. Do you know what goes in to building one of those bright playground structures? Oh I do. Those poles are heavy. I was not the most useful team member (Home Depot employees are impressive) but I made sure to stay busy. We got the whole big structure up before lunch. After lunch it was sort of 'find a job and do it'. Thus came hauling mulch. I never want to see a pile of mulch again. Pa Nhia said she'd mail me the pictures. If you're really curious I hear just about every news station in Fresno covered it, and so I'm sure you could find web coverage somewhere. If I do get pictures I'll post them to facebook. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I did it.

Now my thoughts on Torchwood:CoE. I am still broken. I love fandom and many different fandoms but I just can't take Torchwood right now. I really don't think Ianto had to die, but at the same time there are a lot of fangirls out there who need to take a chill pill. RTD has downright been insulting to his fan base on top of everything. I just feel so broken about TW I don't know if I'll ever go back this fandom. If they do a fourth season (which looks more likely everyday) I will watch the first few episodes to get a feel for it, but I don't know if I can keep reading fic. There's some gen fic out there that I liked-but even more so was the complex relationship between Jack and Ianto-mostly created by fandom. Which is not to say it wasn't ever in the show, but really the sheer amount of fanfic out there. This makes me sad on a lot of levels.

Torchwood is a prolific fandom. There's almost always something to read. The second Big Bang is out and I just can't bring myself to read anything. That's downright pathetic. Plus, one of my favorite authors updated and the fic has Captain John and I can't read that either. Kelsey and I are still planning to write our TW fix it fic but she's in Japan for three weeks (with angel cream donuts!!). We'll see.

True Blood. Is my healing after Torchwood pain. So they better not kill Eric. I'm conflicted at the moment between book!Eric and TV!Eric. I was so happy last week when TV!Eric got his manipulative vampire on and traded Bill to Lorena. I think it's brilliant. I don't like Bill. Although, I like TV!Bill more then book Bill. However, in the long run I think TV!Erick and Sookie aren't going to work out. Which sucks. I just want a better Sookie/Eric relationship. They don't have to be sexin' just please give me banter and tension. I'm begging you. And don't kill Eric. Eric on True Blood might be too manipulative and evil for it to ever work with Sookie, but in the books I don't think it works because of Sookie. All I want from second season is the bullet sucking scene. Please, please please. I know why Charlene and Alan Ball decided not to use Bubba in the show, but I'm going to miss him. I maintain, that Jason is just stupid. Also, HBO? Please stop with the orgies. KTHX.

Also-I want icons for dreamwidth. I'm looking into Merlin, True Blood, or Dollhouse. I might even go for Dr. Horrible-if you know icon makers who want credit and make good icons please point me in their direction.
Okay so they're all under a spoiler cut tag because most Americans haven't seen it yet. They're probably already spoiled because if you blink at the TW fandom right now you'd know exactly what happened. However, I'll respect people's right to try and protect themselves from spoilers.

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So I really don't know about a season four. Because TW has lost pretty much all the characters I liked and related too. I would probably watch because the storyline might be interesting, but my emotional investment would be zero.

I might have to be done with fandom at this point. I mean really. This all my favorite characters keep dying thing is not going over well with me. What's the point? And I've reached a point where I don't really have any strong fandoms. SCC is canceled, BSG is over, Buffy is long gone, Dollhouse has potential but isn't there yet. I don't know.

I'm into Merlin at the moment simply because no mater how they tramp over the story I don't think they can kill Merlin or Arthur and I like them both. So there.

Real life update to come soon. Possibly when real life doesn't make me want to curl into a ball and cry hysterically for several hours. Yes, it is that bad right now.


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