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( May. 24th, 2009 07:25 pm)
So here I am, a year after graduation and I'm moving again. Yes, we're staying in Fresno, no it is not going well. We've served our 30 day notice and we know where we want to live. They seem willing to lease to us. It's all well and good. We wanted a back up. So right across the street from where we were going to rent is another apartment complex that takes dogs of all sizes. I set up an appointment to view their two bedroom unit yesterday. On Thursday they called to confirm this appointment. Yesterday, no one showed up. So we're going with the first place.

We would like to move around June 11th. We'd done the math, and we were going to have the money but just barely. Until we found out that Chris was misinformed about his pay schedule. So now, we're short on the money. And the apartment complex we're currently living at states we're not getting any of our deposit (which is over $1,000) back until 21 days from the time we hand them they keys. Which if we have things our way is a week after we move out.

See Chris and I are moving ourselves, by car. We hope to get a U-Haul and two of his friends to help us on Thursday. Chris works 12 hours Friday though Mondays so weekends are out. And he can't miss work. Period. So we'd take position of the new apartment on a Thursday and I have a three day weekend starting the next day during which I would move as much of the small stuff as possible. Then, if that went well I would also be scrubbing down the old apartment so that we get as much of our deposit back as possible. We have to hand over the keys to the old apartment by June 19th. Which would be one week and one day after we want to start moving into the new apartment. I just don't know if we're going to have the money to move by then. I mean yes, I know we'll have it by June 16th, but that only gives us three days to move which Chris says we can't do. Because he can take one shift of his internship off, and that's what he does when he's not working.

To show how stressed I am about this, I have started to dream about it. Last night I dreamed that Robin gave us Scout a full week before we were able to move out of this place. So we smuggled Scout for walks at night. It was a horror. Only it seemed everyone in the complex owned dogs and we were all out walking them at four in the morning together. Huh.

Zenyatta won her first race of the season. This makes ten races in a row that she's won. She really is fun to watch. She up from dead last too. Remind you of anyone?

I am sorry that for the next few weeks this journal is going to be about moving. I'll try and through in something interesting now and again.

I'm still bitter about Sarah Connor Chronicles. Because I really wanted to know what happened in that future.
AHHHHH. It happened again. My favorite character died on Sarah Connor. And it made me mad. Details under the cut.

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Dollhouse is good. Getting better. I shall have a drawer of inappropriate starches someday. YES. Sierra and Victor I think I love you. Echo and Ballard (not as a couple) too. And Echo's handler. Okay, I'll admit it I think this is another good cast show. Although Topher really does have his skeevy moments.

Dollhouse thoughts under the cut.

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Second interview yesterday did not go as well as I had hoped. My brain seems to become fearful mush. I should find out sometime in the next two to three weeks if I'm hired. I hope so very much that I am.
I am currently watching ***** my ****** play in dirty laundry. It's just what I want to do on this chilly Sunday afternoon. Fresno is a lot cooler then I was expecting. I hear that sometimes it even snows in the city of Fresno. It hasn't for the last two years though. Anyway, fall is coming to the central valley. and we've discovered some things. Our heat doesn't work. And because of ***** we can't get the heat fixed. I'm pretty convinced it's not broken and my husband just can't figure out the controls. So the stars refer to our pet. But since we're not supposed to have a pet we'll just stick with stars. And the pet will not be making frequent appearances in this lj until the future. No questions please.

Work is going okay. I continue to get positive feedback despite not having any signs of either a raise or a long term position. Which as you might imagine makes me a little grumpy. As did getting retrained to do a completly different job that I was supposed to do for four weeks and then it became a week. And then it went down to four hours and I was done and back to my old job. The Housing Authority needs to get it's act together. I don't know if I should suck it up and look for a better job now or just stick with this one for the year and then move onto a better job when we relocate.

Chris and I are really pushing our cooking, because I just spent this last week bored with food. I don't want to cook anymore because we only ever make the same things. We tried Chicken Cordon Blue last night and that was nummy, but somewhat bland. We decided that the breading needed spices. And Chris even cooked. Even better.

I got to go book shopping today and I lost round 300 with Chris over maybe watching Battlestar. He just refuses. BAHHHHH. He says this based off the old one which he saw. He has no idea what he's missing. He liked Tricia Hefler in Burn Notice maybe if I tried the she's naked act? Chris always look at me like I'm stupid crazy when I try that trick. And then says something disgustingly mushy about how he loves me and doesn't want to look at other naked women. Uh Huh. And the sun turned green. He loves me this is true. He won't even do anything with another women also true. He however has eyes and I don't care if he looks.

Sarah Connor Chronicles got better. I am so glad. I was kinda iffy there for a few weeks. Now I have my show back and there's love. And two more episodes have been contracted. Woot. It's not dead yet.

My favorite character died on CSI. So goes another show. Not that I've watched CSI in recent years.

Polictics suck, but I'm really starting to appreciate CA. They send you the full text of every law that is on the ballot. And well as Pro and counter arguments. Sadly Proposition 8 banning gay marriage will probably pass. I'm hoping the CA supreme court will just over turn it again as unconstitutional, but I don't think they'll be ballsy enough to do it twice. Thankfully, no one has come door to door yet.
I spent the weekend concerned for my job. Then I found out they were hiring yet another group of people. Suddenly I'm not so concerned anymore. I really do want to figure out what I want to do for a career though. Right now this job is good enough and it is a challenge in some ways, but there is something missing. Maybe it's the feeling of being challenged by my peers which for the most part I'm not. They are great and fantastic people most of whom I like, but they're not challenging in the same way other St. Olaf students were. So I'm really trying to focus in on what I want to do next. So far the only realistic option I see is Teach For America because it both affords me a job and would forgive some of my student loans which I feel like I'm going to need.

The other option is to try and take the State Department Foreign Service Test. And to show how that is only a tiny idea that is just starting to filter into existence I say that I'm not even sure if that is what it is called. So these are two ideas I need to play more with while looking into some other options.

Sarah Connor Chronicles and NCIS info under the cut for the disinterested.

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I am starting to suffer from my lack of pet. I don't know why. I didn't have one all through college except fish. However, it really seems to both me that I didn't have one. I know why we can't have Scout here, and I wouldn't want him here because he'd be miserable. Really I thought I was holding up okay until Saturday. Saturday we were outside of Home Depot next to a PetSmart when Chris announced the following. "I want a ferret" I had never thought of a ferret. So we went to Home Depot and did our thing.

Then as Chris is advocating the joys of ferret ownership (they're smart, they're active, they like to cuddle as they calm down) I started thinking about it. Ferrets live in cages, our lease doesn't say anything about animals who live in cages, ect. So we go to PetSmart and are examining their wide selection of ferret cages, food, toys ect. There is only one problem-no ferrets. So we ask one of the workers. "Oh ferrets are illegal in CA but you can buy one online" Considering the contradiction of supplies, and her own statement of advocating illegal pet ownership we thought she was just dumb (I'm sorry oh petsmart worker wherever you are) so we go to the other petsmart across town to get the real story because the SPCA works there. We ask the SPCA "Ferrets are illegal in CA we ship them to Arizona if we find any" Indeed it is true, ferrets are illegal in CA. Painfully my pet dream has died. It was too late though because darn it now I want a ferret. I got a book on them and they sound like a lot of fun.

Work continues to go well. I finally got direct deposit. That's pretty much the bright side of my continued Fresno existence. I might get to go to a Buddhist temple in Fresno to discuss the poetry of Rengetsu. Who I know is famous but despite my most sincere wishes I don't think I can translate her poetry the way Robin's friend wants me too. But I might still get to go for trying so I'm all on board.

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As for House I have just one thing to say: Wilson. NOOOOOOOO.


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