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( Jun. 16th, 2009 08:25 pm)
Soooo......I've moved. We have almost been in the new place for a week now. I am still not moved out of the old place. If this isn't interesting enough for all you readers out there, the day we moved Chris got a job offer from North Carolina. Hahahaha. Crap. We're waiting on word about when they need him to start. He's got six more weeks of Paramedic school (and you know four more months on that lease we just signed) before he's willing to go anywhere. I have mixed feelings about (maybe) going to North Carolina.

New place is made of awesome sauce. There is room to do things. There is counter space. My kitchen is wonderful. It has a walk in pantry. I am so sold. Of course my kitchen at the old place is all I have left to move and some closets. I am just so overwhelmed by the disaster area that my old kitchen is I don't have it in me to start on it.

LJ cut to save those who are sane from my ramblings about my irrational fear of men, and my futile and semi-wasted attempts to explain why.
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In other news: Puppy comes to live with me tomorrow. YES!!!!
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( Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:35 pm)
So I have not been sleeping well because for the last few days I have been hunted in my dreams. By an invisible foe with tourists being disappeared all around me (normally this would be a good thing) and it's just very odd. Also, this morning after dreaming for the second night of this crazy dreaming I figured out what was hunting me....a t-rex. Yeah. I don't know what's going on in my head, but my goodness it's bizarre. I want different dreams thank you. Also, at some point this week I would like to wake up in the morning and feel like I ever went to bed.

So in moving news...the new apartment flooded. But it's okay, we hadn't moved in yet. We're getting a new new apartment. A better apartment. I'm looking forward to living in a new apartment, but not the actual moving part.

Rachel Alexandra will not be running in the Belmont. However, Mine That Bird will be running in the Belmont. So....if he wins Rachel Alexandra will have spoiled a triple crown bid. I was so happy when a filly won the Preakness, but now that she might be a spoiler...I still love her. Maybe next year.
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( May. 24th, 2009 07:25 pm)
So here I am, a year after graduation and I'm moving again. Yes, we're staying in Fresno, no it is not going well. We've served our 30 day notice and we know where we want to live. They seem willing to lease to us. It's all well and good. We wanted a back up. So right across the street from where we were going to rent is another apartment complex that takes dogs of all sizes. I set up an appointment to view their two bedroom unit yesterday. On Thursday they called to confirm this appointment. Yesterday, no one showed up. So we're going with the first place.

We would like to move around June 11th. We'd done the math, and we were going to have the money but just barely. Until we found out that Chris was misinformed about his pay schedule. So now, we're short on the money. And the apartment complex we're currently living at states we're not getting any of our deposit (which is over $1,000) back until 21 days from the time we hand them they keys. Which if we have things our way is a week after we move out.

See Chris and I are moving ourselves, by car. We hope to get a U-Haul and two of his friends to help us on Thursday. Chris works 12 hours Friday though Mondays so weekends are out. And he can't miss work. Period. So we'd take position of the new apartment on a Thursday and I have a three day weekend starting the next day during which I would move as much of the small stuff as possible. Then, if that went well I would also be scrubbing down the old apartment so that we get as much of our deposit back as possible. We have to hand over the keys to the old apartment by June 19th. Which would be one week and one day after we want to start moving into the new apartment. I just don't know if we're going to have the money to move by then. I mean yes, I know we'll have it by June 16th, but that only gives us three days to move which Chris says we can't do. Because he can take one shift of his internship off, and that's what he does when he's not working.

To show how stressed I am about this, I have started to dream about it. Last night I dreamed that Robin gave us Scout a full week before we were able to move out of this place. So we smuggled Scout for walks at night. It was a horror. Only it seemed everyone in the complex owned dogs and we were all out walking them at four in the morning together. Huh.

Zenyatta won her first race of the season. This makes ten races in a row that she's won. She really is fun to watch. She up from dead last too. Remind you of anyone?

I am sorry that for the next few weeks this journal is going to be about moving. I'll try and through in something interesting now and again.

I'm still bitter about Sarah Connor Chronicles. Because I really wanted to know what happened in that future.


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