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( Jan. 25th, 2012 05:31 pm)
Being unemployed is a drag. I mean what are you supposed to do with your day? It's really bad. I want a job. But I did what no one should do-I got used to certain income level. I'm earning unemployment for the next few months and lets just say taking a job that pays less than $12 an hour would not be worth it. Which in Texas is most entry level jobs.

As it turns out an MBA doesn't do you much good finding a job. For two main reasons.

1. No concentration. I didn't get an MBA with an HR emphasis for example. I just got a general MBA. So as a result I don't know very specific HR laws. I took an HR class and it was very general. So this puts me out of the running for all the HR jobs, accounting jobs etc.

2. No experience. I can't go into a Housing Authority here. I applied for one, and got rejected for a position higher than the one I had held in Fresno. I applied for entry level, but I haven't heard on those jobs. I want to go into the oil and gas industry-but they require experience, in that specific industry.

Now many of you may be reeling in shock after reading that last sentence. The oil and gas industry you say? It's nothing like the media portrays it. Nothing. And I have talked to people who work in the industry, and I have researched companies and I am ashamed of myself. Because I took what the media has always said and didn't consider the bias. When the Deepwater Horizon blew up I didn't research offshore drilling. I have now. It's not a perfect industry (no industry is) and clearly we (as a nation) have an oil dependency problem, but that doesn't make the industry itself a bad industry or the people who work it bad people. I hope I can find a job there.

They make a lot of money, but they always give a lot back to their employees. And the big company around here gives a lot back to the community too. I realize that people who work in the industry have their own bias and of course they like it when it's paying their bills, however, I think the important thing I learned is always, always to do my own research.

My dogs are getting spoiled with me being home all day all the time. I don't know what River is going to do when I go back to work. She freaks out if she's alone in the house. Since we're living with my parents someone is almost always home one way or the other. She tore up one foot on New Year's Eve with the fireworks and it's just starting to heal. She almost did more damage Sunday when I took my Mom to the airport and no one was home for about an hour and half. We have bought her Benadryl for the storms. She gets a full adult dose to keep her from loosing her mind during the thunder.

Haley is hanging in their despite the vets estimation just after Thanksgiving that she had one month to live. She coughs a lot and it's pretty clear that her heartbeat is not right, but she eats a lot and seems happy so I don't feel like we're hurting her by letting her live.

Since I live in Texas now where it is legal to say this-I have two ferrets and two dogs. If I every talk about my pack of animals that's what I mean. The ferrets are illegal in the state of CA which is why they may have been mentioned in less than detail.

Rachel Alexandra dropped her Curlin foal on Sunday. She had a cute colt that was 125 pounds. Mom and the colt are doing well. Zenyatta is due to foal in early March. Rachel Alexandra is scheduled to be bred to Bernardini this year which is the sire of the foal Zenyatta is carrying currently. Bernadini is also the sire of Zenyatta's half sister Eblouissante who starts her racing career this year.
I am escaping this crazy rat race for a week. I've had two totally demoralizing experiences at week this week and I need a break so badly I can taste it. So it's a good thing I have a scheduled vacation. Chris and I are going camping from Big Sur to Del Norte Redwoods and back. We're leaving the dogs at home! Vacation from the kids too.

Speaking of the kids any of you readers in CA know someone who wants a lab mix puppy? She's super cute, house broken and will sit on command. She'll also stay to some extent. She's very lovable. However, she was never supposed to be our dog, and three dogs is one too many for me to deal with. So she's free for a small negotiable re-homing fee. The fee is only because every rescue site I've ready said people take better care of things they pay for vs. you give them. We'll also take her back if things don't work out. I just want her to go to a good home. Until we find one she's staying with us. So no worries we won't send her to the pound.

Texas with my family was wonderful. I really love the area that they live in. It was too hot though so I got irritable. Also I think Chris's lack of availability is a sore spot for them that he never calls or comes to visit. But! Their new house is wonderful, and the pool is fantastic. I came back half a shade darker than normal. No one noticed. I sometimes wished I tanned.

One more graduate class down, three more to go. I start another one tomorrow. I can do this, I will finish this degree. Then who knows what happens. Maybe we blow this central California Popsicle stand. A girl can dream right?
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( May. 19th, 2011 09:39 pm)
Dear Everyone,

I did not think it was possible to love my iPhone more than I already did, until today. Today when I used it to buy coffee at Starbucks. They scanned my phone. Now where me and my phone are there can also be coffee. Perfect.

I know it's such a minor thing, but it made me happy.

Tomorrow is Friday, and than it is the weekend. Next weekend I'll be in Texas. I can't believe I'm excited about that.


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