MERLIN!!! Bless the internet and BBC for the second season of Merlin. So cute. Totally made my Monday morning to wake up and watch that before work. It made me happy, and I like happy fandom fluff. Plus Merlin is going to have to free the dragon one day which should be interesting. So I now have 13 weeks of Merlin joy to lift my spirits.

Monday: Castle. After watching Nathan on the Emmys as Captain Hammer I was pleased to see that I still enjoy Castle. More fandom fluff. Although I'll add this to my list of shows with bad hair. I don't like what they did to Kate's hair. I really like Castle's daughter though and her unknowing advice.

House: Not worth it without Wilson. The end.

Tuesday: NCIS:I'll continue watching for now. All female characters live. I hate Tony's hair this season (it's a theme for my shows this fall clearly) but I love Tony. And I love how Ziva leaving broke Tony. He had a great line he gave to Ziva but I can't remember what it was exactly. I know they can't really ever get together, but I do really like their relationship. Yes, this show still does have bad women issues see NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS-LA: BAAAHHHHHH. IDK. I'm not loving it. They disappeared the female team leader. She's not there and they're not mentioning her character. Originally, when the show cameo'd on NCIS I really liked Callum, but I don't think his character works as well in a weekly format. Also:

Dear LL Cool Jay and Chris O'Donnell: THE SLASH FICTION IS WRITING ITSELF. I heard computers explode across your limited fandom at some of your one liners and knowing smiles. I hope you are aware.

Chris and I are not that interested in watching the rest.

Real life is less interesting then TV. I know, most people don't care. However, work is soul sucking. I've been working 11 hour days for the last two weeks and I'm very tired.

Sara moved out to LA successfully. She seems happy. Her room is very pink. And the ceiling sparkles. It sparkles. She lives in a very Chinese-American area. I don't know how she's going to find a job, but I wish her the best of luck.
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( Sep. 7th, 2009 09:40 pm)
So sadly some unhappy news on the Rachel Alexandra front: no more racing in 2009. She's not injured I guess they're just giving her a break. I know she's not going to run in the Breeder's Cup, but come on there are other races for super filly to run in. Baffert, on the other hand is burning up CA tracks with his two year olds. However, this is sad trend with Baffert in that he trains super 2 year olds that never seem to make it to three year olds super stars. I miss the days when he ruled the crown.

To my list of things I will be watching this fall I should add Castle. I enjoyed it a lot last spring and I plan to keep on enjoying it.

If anyone is looking for a good mini series about the war in Iraq there are not words enough for me to recommend Generation Kill. You can watch HBO's seven episode mini series of amazingness or you can read Evan Wright's book. I plan on getting the book once I have disposable income. Which may be never. Please see new icon for GK love.


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