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( Jan. 25th, 2012 05:31 pm)
Being unemployed is a drag. I mean what are you supposed to do with your day? It's really bad. I want a job. But I did what no one should do-I got used to certain income level. I'm earning unemployment for the next few months and lets just say taking a job that pays less than $12 an hour would not be worth it. Which in Texas is most entry level jobs.

As it turns out an MBA doesn't do you much good finding a job. For two main reasons.

1. No concentration. I didn't get an MBA with an HR emphasis for example. I just got a general MBA. So as a result I don't know very specific HR laws. I took an HR class and it was very general. So this puts me out of the running for all the HR jobs, accounting jobs etc.

2. No experience. I can't go into a Housing Authority here. I applied for one, and got rejected for a position higher than the one I had held in Fresno. I applied for entry level, but I haven't heard on those jobs. I want to go into the oil and gas industry-but they require experience, in that specific industry.

Now many of you may be reeling in shock after reading that last sentence. The oil and gas industry you say? It's nothing like the media portrays it. Nothing. And I have talked to people who work in the industry, and I have researched companies and I am ashamed of myself. Because I took what the media has always said and didn't consider the bias. When the Deepwater Horizon blew up I didn't research offshore drilling. I have now. It's not a perfect industry (no industry is) and clearly we (as a nation) have an oil dependency problem, but that doesn't make the industry itself a bad industry or the people who work it bad people. I hope I can find a job there.

They make a lot of money, but they always give a lot back to their employees. And the big company around here gives a lot back to the community too. I realize that people who work in the industry have their own bias and of course they like it when it's paying their bills, however, I think the important thing I learned is always, always to do my own research.

My dogs are getting spoiled with me being home all day all the time. I don't know what River is going to do when I go back to work. She freaks out if she's alone in the house. Since we're living with my parents someone is almost always home one way or the other. She tore up one foot on New Year's Eve with the fireworks and it's just starting to heal. She almost did more damage Sunday when I took my Mom to the airport and no one was home for about an hour and half. We have bought her Benadryl for the storms. She gets a full adult dose to keep her from loosing her mind during the thunder.

Haley is hanging in their despite the vets estimation just after Thanksgiving that she had one month to live. She coughs a lot and it's pretty clear that her heartbeat is not right, but she eats a lot and seems happy so I don't feel like we're hurting her by letting her live.

Since I live in Texas now where it is legal to say this-I have two ferrets and two dogs. If I every talk about my pack of animals that's what I mean. The ferrets are illegal in the state of CA which is why they may have been mentioned in less than detail.

Rachel Alexandra dropped her Curlin foal on Sunday. She had a cute colt that was 125 pounds. Mom and the colt are doing well. Zenyatta is due to foal in early March. Rachel Alexandra is scheduled to be bred to Bernardini this year which is the sire of the foal Zenyatta is carrying currently. Bernadini is also the sire of Zenyatta's half sister Eblouissante who starts her racing career this year.
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( Dec. 12th, 2010 10:15 am)
I am sitting here with my coffee gearing up to take the dog for a walk and then do some holiday shopping. I really would like to do Christmas cards today for those that requested them. I also need to clean my yard and the house. However, that's okay. Today I can do all the things. I'm contemplating buying a mop as well. I have swifter mop which I love, but I feel like it's not getting the floor clean and with the dogs my kitchen floor looks disgusting.

The holidays are coming, and I'm kinda feeling it. I have my holiday plans set to go, which reminds me I need to call my mother-in-law and ask her about the craziness I'm planning on taking part in.

My parents claim to have found the house of their dreams in Texas so they put in an offer. I wish them the best of luck with that, but am really hoping that I won't have to spend my visit with them helping them move. I am however, very much looking forward to seeing them.

The snowmagedon in the midwest looks interesting. Glad I missed it. It's been a very mild winter even by California standards, so I don't even think there's that much snow up on the mountains.

Had an interesting date night with Chris last night. We went out to BJ's and then went and saw Unstoppable in Modesto. It was nice to just spend time with him.

Zenyatta has a blog. You guys it is so awesome. I mean she's a little more cutesy in it then I would think, but it's so great that even after she retired they're trying to give her fans access to her. They have videos posted on facebook of her transition and respond to fan questions. For the horse racing industry it's really one of the most amazing things. While yes, I am sad that she's gone from racing, I'm glad I get to see her life at Lane's End. I hope we get to see her cute little foals too someday.
Hello again internet! I've missed you. Actually, I've had internet for a week but I got caught up in stuff.

Like finishing my first graduate class. Hells yes! Good times, I'm telling you. I like it a lot, and I really hope it continues going well.

The Triple Crown is over. And I didn't talk about it much. Three races, three different horses. I don't know what to say. It's okay though, Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandria race next weekend. So there is more horse racing to come.

Work is going well. Because I'm a greedy selfish bitch I applied for another promotion. And the guilt is eating me up inside. This week at work is going to be terrifying,I have to give a presentation in front of my boss, my co-workers boss, and the senior manager of our division. Oh, and the co-workers whose work I now evaluate. This presentation? I have to do it three times at three separate offices. First thing in the morning.

I'll be back with more updates soon.

I think I want a Zenyatta Icon. Or Castiel.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2010 07:09 pm)
This week has been a good one, for I have been gifted with lots of wonderful things. Okay, most of these wonderful things are horse related things, and the stuff that happened today was not so good, but still read below.

RACHEL ALEXANDRA is Horse Of The Year. A GIRL HORSE. Take that all you stupid male horse fans. This year was dominated by the filly Rachel Alexandra and the mare Zenyatta. I actually, had a moment where I was disappointed because it wasn't Zenyatta. Then I had to pinch myself over and over because while there still hasn't been a Triple Crown winner in my lifetime I also never thought there would be a year when I could say that the two top contenders for HotY would be female. Zenyatta was named best older female horse and Summer Bird was best three year old male.

So, that was pretty sweet in and of itself, BUT THEN IT GOT BETTER. As you know, I recently went to Santa Anita to see the great and undefeated Zenyatta in a farewell parade. Where she obligingly showed off for the fans while on low dose tranqs because she thinks going out onto the track is serious business and they didn't want her getting too excited. They frequently have to tranq her when taking her out because she wants to run. Not at all fitting for a mare who is supposed to go and get knocked up any day. Her owners, being the horse fans that they are, and her trainer being clearly in love with this mare UNRETIRED HER. That's right. Look out 2010 Zenyatta is coming at you!

Plus now both Zenyatta's people and Rachel's people WANT to see them run together. This is like a dream. No wait, when it actually happens then it will be a dream. It will be huge. It is a race I want to have happen so badly. Various tracks are already putting up huge amounts of money if they can lure them both to the track for the same race. Oh, how I hope this will happen.

Now, I apologize for all the random caps locks, but this is really a big thing for me as I've been a horse racing fan for years and I am sick and I mean sick of seeing females discounted. When they discuss a horses breeding it's immediate sire, damn and damn's sire. that's 2 males and 1 female for every horse. Clearly, breeding only comes from the Sire. I was at the Irish National Stud and they said it's just because the guys run more. harumph. I can tell you years from now when Zenyatta actually does retire I will want to know when one of her foals and heck even grandfoals steps out onto that track. So I am looking forward to this next year of horse racing.

In the disturbing news for Friday I was awoken this morning, but the sound of the willow trees outside my apartment being killed. The 2 big willow trees that screened our apartment from the building across from it and keep us cool in summer were brutally annihilated today. I want to charge my complex for the difference in my electric bill this summer as I will now have to air condition more. Those trees were a big part of why I liked this place so much as they offered some much need privacy. In slightly ironic news: today we got new upstairs neighbors who chose their unit out of all the empty units in our complex because of the nice privacy proving willow trees. I'm sure they're thrilled.

I also was forced to flee to Border's to avoid the sounds of the willow tree death going on outside my door. I read trashy romance novels as I am sometimes prone to doing (I will never buy them, and sometimes they make me laugh) and apparently if you read romance novels in a book store it leads to middle aged men hitting on you. And you have to be very blunt for me to get that you might be hitting on me. It made me profoundly uncomfortable. So since the guy would not take the hint and leave me to read my paranormal romance in peace I fled. To all single guys out there: do not try and hook up with girls reading in bookstores. DO NOT. I hate that I'm timid, aka raised well. Because while I really wanted to tell him to get the hell away from me, I went for coldly polite instead. Because I was raised to not be a bitch. But don't get me wrong readers, he was not inappropriate. I would not have stood for that, but if you know me I just don't do well around guys in general.

And I just realized I now have to go to Target and get shampoo for my husband. Because I forgot earlier. *sighs*

Also dear readers, rec me books. preferable paperback-but really I'll take anything.
Has anyone read the Dexter books? I love the show, and I read the opening chapter of the first one, but it was so much like the it worth a purchase anyway?

ETA: I should read previous entries and get my timelines straight. I posted about Zenyatta before this. However, I'm not going to delete my glee, because Zenyatta coming back is that huge.
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( Jan. 16th, 2010 10:54 pm)
Well, other then the fact that it is a three day weekend for me I have other happy random news.

Zenyatta is racing in 2010! They have decided not to retire her after all. This makes me happy. Yes, winning the Breeder's Cup might be the most accomplished thing she's done, and will do, but I believe after seeing her that this horse loves to run, and to win. So I'm truly happy that she's going to get to keep doing it. Plus, since she races in Southern California there is a chance now that I might see her race at Santa Anita or Hollywood Park. AND there is a chance that the racing world might still get to see the big show down: Rachel Alexandra VS. Zenyatta. It would be amazing.

Horse of the Year will be decided on Monday and I'm sure at that point I'll have more horse related things to say.

In other sports like news: Winter Olympics soon. I'm sure I won't enjoy it as much as the last Olympics, but still, I think parts will be fun to watch.
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( Nov. 7th, 2009 04:04 pm)
Enough said. Dead last to first and she made it look easy. Horse of the year to Zenyatta. She came and Rachel didn't. This is the year of the female race horse.

It was amazing. She is a race horse for the ages.


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