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( Jul. 27th, 2009 06:36 pm)
1. Rachel Alexandria is running in the Haskell on Saturday!!! She's going up against the boys again. Oh this is going to be so sweet. I really hope she wins. For a filly to win another Grade 1 race against the boys is huge! I will have to watch now. Something to look forward to this weekend.

2. Second season of True Blood. So much better then the first. Although since I've read the books I have a lot of thoughts. There will be a True Blood post in the near future. A long one.

3. CARS program. Chirs and I traded in his clunker and got a new Ford Escape. I will never buy a new car again, but we're very happy. And it had such perfect timing because we were really going to be in a bind on the car front. So YAY.

4. KaBoom! I get to volunteer on Thursday to help build a playground for youth without access to a local neighborhood playground. Sounds like fun to me. (As long as the kids aren't there)

5. VAAD meeting tomorrow. This is for work-but we really need a unit meeting to clear stuff up so I'm excited.
I'm still here people. Despite the attempt on my life yesterday by a female bear. I SWEAR all I said was that I didn't want to see a bear, and so I walked one of the most popular trails in Yosemite. It's freaking paved for crying out loud. BEAR. GRRRRRRRR. No, it really did not attack me, because I left as soon as I realized it was there and called for a park ranger. Then I watched it charge STUPID TOURISTS who wouldn't stop trying to get a closer picture. That bear is a year old female and they're going to get her killed. God people, it's a bear. Leave it the fuck alone.

Other then that I had a wonderful weekend. I just paid some major bills *goodbye bank balance* and am now going to chill out and relax. Would that I could have my two pets in the same room and this would be golden.

There were horses. I got to ride! OHHH, horses. So much love. No pictures though. Sorry. My birthday present was to go horseback riding in Yosemite. I went with Robin on a two hour ride. So pretty. However, now comes the owwwww.

Better update soon. Food now.
1. politics. end of story. I know what I believe, and I am willing to accept what other people believe, but I don't think it ever really comes off that way. Questions lead to discussion and this subject is one that people get so upset over. I can understand why, but I definitely get why it's one of those things that is not considered a good conversation topic.

2. Military Discussions with husband: we're not fighting anymore, but these still tend to get more intense. However, I did enjoy the Military Channel today and their program on the military academies. I have a great deal of respect for military personnel and I know it's something that I could never do.

Work is going well. I got a $1 lotto ticket for verifying over 100 packets last month. So I'm doing pretty well. The bad part is that I don't really know how to handle all the praise I'm getting. I don't like getting it from co-workers. Today Jackie started talking about how I'm going to be here so much longer then everyone else, and while that would be ideal I don't think I'm better then any of them, I just happen to have a faster learning curve. Plus, I'm starting to get packets back and I wish I'd been thinking more when I first started doing this job, because in a lot of cases I just made my job harder. The amount of fraud I deal with is depressing. People will do just about anything to get money from the government. They love to lie about their income and then get pissed when I find out about it and try to terminate them. We pay your rent, and if you're not honest about your income I don't see why the government and my tax dollars should be supporting you. I'm trying not to become bitter.

Chris and I went down to LA for the holiday weekend. It was good times, we got to see the dog. As always Robin and I took the younger pups to the dog beach. Good times, but Scout was so BAD. He's completly decided to ignore 'come'. I don't know why. While it's been difficult at times this time he just pretended he could not hear at all. Not even his name. Bah, I say. Running around with your dog on a halti on the beach isn't fun. Plus the halti looks like a muzzle (it goes around the head and pulls it to the side if the dog starts trying to pull on you-it's an aid in healing) and so people think Scout is going to bite. Which if you have a yippy dog might happen. Robin has expressed concern for his fear bases aggression before, but this is also the first time I've seen that. He doesn't have a problem with bigger dogs (or horses) but he gets fake aggressive with small dogs. He doesn't understand that they are terrified of him. So I look forward to doing more work with the dog on the beach. Plus, we got to see a nice Appaloosa mare with a blanket coat. She was somewhat spooky about Wizard and Scout who I had lay down and watch as she walked by. I'm happy that Scout doesn't seem to freaked by horses.

I also got to go to a horse show at LA Equestrian Center. It was nice. I didn't get to see the main event, but it was free and they were pretty horses. I love being around horses and it definitely helped. This was on top of Curlin winning his race this weekend. Go Culin. I so want him to run in the Breeder's Cup and kick Big Brown's ass.

I have re-discovered sour Starburst. Yum. Bad for me, but still really yummy.


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