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( May. 21st, 2011 11:19 am)
Dear Supernatural Fandom,

Please for the sake of my epic Castiel love write fix-it fic. I need this to be better. It's bad enough that they did this in cannon, and then announced that Misha won't really be back next season. Fix it! I'm counting on you fandom.

Today is the Preakness. I am excited. It's going to be my therapy! I'm kind of at a toss up between wanting Animal Kingdom to win and wanting Mr. Commons to win. Mr. Commons has the same trainer as Zenyatta so I want him to do well. I'm conflicted about having the same horse win the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness because my heart always gets broken in the turn for home at the Belmont. So I don't know. We'll see how it goes though.
Well, Super Saver may have won the Derby, but Lookin at Lucky came through for me in the Preakness. Neither of them is running in the Belmont. Another year without a Triple Crown winner.

The lack of posting is due to my lack of internet which is still going strong. Let me tell you how much I do not recommend doing online school without internet, working full time, and moving all at the same time. I am so exhausted I don't really know how to function anymore.

So I'll be back at some point in the future when I can get internet from my couch again.

Also I heart Supernatural so much. I didn't get to watch season five at all-but am spoiled. I am watching season 4. I want season 3. I want all the seasons. I also want epic length pdf fic to save to my computer. Because life without the internet is hard.
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( May. 16th, 2009 03:39 pm)
Rachel Alexandra won the Preaknes!!! It was beautiful. I'm so happy. So happy. Pretty filly just ran her heart out. All 13 horses crossed the finish line which is really all I wanted. Her winning was a bonus. Mine That Bird came in a close second. If the race had been much longer he probably would have caught her. However, it wasn't a longer race, and he didn't catch her.

I have to go do my "Rachel Alexandra won the Preakness" dance. Excuse me.
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( May. 16th, 2009 10:51 am)
Alright people it's time for the second leg of the Triple Crown. It's Preakness Day. Break out your black eyed susans and get ready to watch a girl beat the boys. Oh, I will take such joy in Rachel Alexandra beating the boys. I mean, I really hope that's how it turns out. So below the cut are my predictions.

Preakness Thoughts )

In other news it's HOT here today. Ugh. I don't like it. We're trying to keep things at a reasonable temperature and it's just not happening. I don't want to do air conditioning.
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( May. 13th, 2009 06:09 pm)
Well, remember when I said that the noticeable absence from The Kentucky Derby was Barbaro's full brother? Yes well, I know who that is now he's a three year old cold named Nicanor, and today he broke his maiden. Horses who run in maiden races have never won before. This was Nicanor's fourth race and they moved him to the turf (grass) and he won by 15 lengths. An impressive victory. So that's where is. No, not Kentucky Derby material by far. However, if he continues to do this well on turf we might be hearing more of his name later this year. So I found that on my livejournal friends page today and thought I'd share.

In other horse racing news the Preakness Stakes the second leg of the Triple Crown is on Saturday. Now, I'm going to say something shocking: I don't want there to be a Triple Crown winner this year. No offense to Mine That Bird who ran a surprising Derby and all, but I want Rachel Alexandra to win the Preakness. And no, it's not just because of the name. It's because she rocks. Now, some of you may be asking how does this effect the field?

Well, Rachel Alexandra won the Kentucky Oaks by a strong 20 lengths. Also, Calvin Borel the jockey for Mine That Bird was her rider. In fact, he's contractually obligated to ride Rachel Alexandra over Mine That Bird. So, I just tried to check who is know the jockey for Mine That Bird but the official website still says Calvin Borel. I know he's impressive, but even I don't think he can ride two horses at once. So I think a lot of Mine That Bird's performance was how Calvin rode him. Plus there is the concern for him about the shorter Preakness distance. I would be a fool to count him out of the race, but I think things will challenge him.

Often times I feel like the Preakness is the weakest of the three races, but I really don't feel that this time. The first four finishers in The Kentucky Derby are at the race. Plus Friesan Fire is in the race and I think he would have been a bigger Derby contender if he hadn't stepped on himself coming out of the gate. Pioneer of the Nile did a good job during the Derby of staying near the leaders and I think that stalking style might be to his benefit.

My predictions plus the magic hat (which really screwed up the Derby this year) on Saturday morning.

In real life....human resources departments are failing all over. Mine insists that I can't have two middle names, I must have two last names. Hence why I couldn't log onto my time card because it kept asking for my last name and then rejecting me. Little did I know it's because I don't know my own last name. Okay, snarking done now. SO has also had HR problems. He went up to the park on Monday to do orientation only to find out that none of his background check cleared. Apparently there is two ways to do the math on 'list four years of previous residences'. He did the math wrong. Also his uniforms are not ready. HR insists he can't work without passing a background check (which I understand) but no one else is scheduled to work on Friday so Chris's boss would very much like them to get on that. We're still waiting for word.

Went down to LA for Mother's Day due to some unexpected time off for Chris. It was good times. Got to see Scout, and explain to Robin our hectic moving schedule. We're hoping for limited trips back and fourth between LA and Fresno. Pets complicate lives so much. Hopefully we get Scout when we move by June 19th. It's almost like a birthday present to me.

LA included SUSHI. Fresh yummy sushi. I missed it so so much. There was spicy tuna rolls, eel, CA rolls (for non fish loving SO) and edamame (not sushi). Sushi Don is a very strip mall like place near the Starbucks. A few tables and one counter. It's fresh, the guy who runs in came to America in the 1980's before sushi was trendy and spent time in CO explaining the concept to tourists. Sushi Don is affiliated with Sasabune a much more affluent and well known sushi restaurant in the LA area. Rummer has it they have a sign that says something to the effect of "We do not serve American sushi here-no CA rolls". So I have heard. We shall see.

This entry is getting long and I haven't even gotten to Dollhouse or NCIS yet. Tomorrow is another day.


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