Title: Written Dreams 10/10
Author: [personal profile] ninj AKA [livejournal.com profile] hisui_ryoshi
Pairings: Damon/Elena
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3.21 to be safe
Word Count: 1,763
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Not at all. No profit is being made from this work.
Summary: Prompt fill for Elena Gilbert Comment!Ficathon prompted by [livejournal.com profile] upupa_epops I’m just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.

Elena’s whole body is paralyzed in shock. She was in Mystic Falls. Elena waits for her body to start screaming in pain for going against Klaus’s compulsion or just in terror but nothing happens. Well, actually she is shaking but she’s pretty sure it’s due to adrenaline. Elena learns something new about vampires every day.

“Elena you need to go in the house,” Caroline says softly. “It’s fine.”

“Why can’t they come out here?” Elena assumes that everyone is waiting for her.

“We’ll all be back later, but you and Damon need to talk,” Caroline is talking is already walking back around to the driver’s side of her car. “Besides we’d never get anything done with you two staring at each other the whole time.”

Elena is absently grateful there will be no witnesses to what happens next. She walks up to the door telling herself it’s going to be fine and knocks. She’s been gone three years and has no right to just walk in.

The door is open and there is Damon just as he has appeared in her dreams. There is no hesitation and there is no speech. Elena’s not sure who moves first but they are clinging to each other suddenly and completely. For Damon and Elena this is the one moment they had dreamed about, and they had it. Finding out that the one person you thought you’d never see again is really alive and had never left you? For two vampires as damaged as Damon and Elena it’s peace.

Elena is not sure how long they stand there in the open door clinging to each other, and she doesn’t care. She’s willing to stand there a lot longer but Damon has started shuffling them backwards bit by bit. Elena follows his lead, until the door is shut. Finally she takes her hand and unclenches it from his shirt and intertwines it with his. Finally, she takes a deep breath and speaks.

“I hate to tell you this, but your brother is a liar,” Elena knows they’ve been silent because neither of them knows what to say so she deflects with humor.

“He’s not the only one,” Damon answers nuzzling her tighter. “What do you remember Elena?”

“Nothing that I didn’t already know,” her answer comes with ease.

Finally, Damon lets go of her but not of her hand. They walk further into the house which is so familiar even after all this time. Elena feels comfortable here, and she feels finally at home.

“So I take it you didn’t eat Jeremy?”

“No, but it was a near thing. You sent some nasty blood bag with him and they made me drink it all.”

Damon looks smug. There is no other word for it, but he is clearly beyond pleased.

“I was right,” now Damon also sounds smug. “I was right, and now you’re here.”

“How is any of this possible?” Elena asks still confused over how she is here. “Klaus compelled me.”

“Baby vamp, you are either immune to compulsion or Klaus is just not very good at it,” Damon tells her and the smugness is still there. “You have had animal blood and you are in Mystic Falls.”

“Animal blood?”

“Yep. Turns out you’re not a fan of cow. Which Elena I am shocked because I have seen you eat red meat and it was violent.”

“We all have to learn to eat properly sometime,” Elena responds trying to salvage her dignity and sound demure. “You just have all the answers don’t you?”

“I have really good dreams. I just wanted them to be reality.”

“Remind me to give you my book,” Elena answers with an easy grin. “Well, when I finish the end.”

Elena and Damon are sitting on the sofa now and she’s lying back against him. It’s just as comfortable as she remembers it being in their first dream. They are both silent enjoying each other enjoying knowing that they are alive.

“Do you know how it ends yet?” Damon finally asks softly. She can tell he’s almost afraid to ask.
Elena twists around using her vampire speed so she is now straddling Damon and can look him in the face.

“I have a pretty good idea. You might even like the ending,” Elena is flirting with him. She has to. Banter is their way, and she’s comfortable now to flirt with him, even though it’s been so long.

“I already like it more than the one there was. But why don’t you tell me more about the ending?”

“Well the girl in your dreams you were trying to save? She dies you know. She was always going to. But sometimes, death isn’t the end after all. So the dead girl lives.”

“And me? What happens to the guy who wanted so badly to save her?”

“It was never his job to save her. So the girl is never angry about that. She comes back to him though even though she’s not supposed to.”

“Says who?” Damon is listening to her intently his other hand twisting through her hair in a way that feels marvelous. “I think this is exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

“It is,” Elena agrees arching back further into his hand. “That doesn’t mean that everyone will understand, or even that the girl really knows what she’s doing.”

“I think that’s been evident from the beginning.”

Elena smacks him lightly on the arm.

“Hey now! Not everyone knows exactly what they want; or even what they’re doing.”

“Please, in this town plans are useless. It was swinging it with the whole animal blood and compulsion thing. For once it just worked.”

“Well I’ll be sure to mention in my story that you don’t have all the answers either.”

“Thanks. So you’ve summed up how we got here with you as a vampire sitting on my lap. Although, I have to tell you we’re doing more talking than I thought we’d do once I got you here.”

“Admire my restraint Damon. And stop trying to tempt me,” Elena admits to the desire she feels. She can’t turn it off and she really doesn’t know how long she can behave herself. She wouldn’t want Damon to be alarmed if she jumped him suddenly. “I thought you wanted to talk.”

“Talking is over rated. I’ve been waiting for this for years. Plus I’ve got impulse control issues I’m sure you’re familiar with,” Damon’s eyes are becoming heated.

Elena doesn’t shy away and decides to give into her impulse and kisses him. She really meant for it to be a nice polite kiss, or at least a short-ish one? However, Elena has forgotten how easy it is to lose herself in Damon and his kissing. He is after all, very good at it. Now Elena doesn’t even need to breath and she finds herself scooting ever closer to Damon as she fists her loose hand in his hair. Elena’s not really sure how long they kiss for, but when they stop they both look ruffled.

“Don’t you want to know the end?” Elena is teasing now as she tries to hold herself back.

“I’ll read the dam book Elena. It’s not like I’m not living it anyways,” Damon sounds distracted as he picks her up and starts heading for the stairs.

Elena waits until they’re inside his room he room that hasn’t changed since the last time she was here. Damon sets her on her feet inside the threshold almost looking uncertain. Clearly more words are called for.

“I’m not going to run Damon,” Elena promises. “I came back.”

“Are you sure Elena? I need you to be sure.”

“There’s nothing that could make me leave,” Elena promises. “I made up my mind.”

“I lost you once Elena, and I can’t lose you again,” Damon’s eyes are pleading with her. “You can’t just be a dream.”

“I’m not a dream,” Elena promises again “I’ve already written what happens next. I know what happens.”

“Happily ever after?”

Elena rolls her eyes. Not even Damon things it’s going to be that easy. She pushes at Damon until he’s further into the room.

“We have eternity to work on that if it’s what you want,” Elena agrees. “I had a different plan. Now I know you mentioned our plans are deeply flawed, but I have a short term plan I think could succeed.”

Elena is happy. She is being honest-there is a lot of work to solve their potential problems. Just because they’re both alive doesn’t really mean they get the happy ending, it means they get the chance. She’s unbuttoning Damon’s shirt now and he’s not objecting or helping. He’s just watching her with this half smile on his face.

“What is this short term plan? I remember your plans and those definitely end badly.”

“Well, I thought I’d tell you that I love you and I then have sex with you, but if you don’t want to risk that plan,” Elena is stepping back a teasing glint in her eyes.

She doesn’t even make it one step away before Damon pulls her back to him.

“Sounds like it might be one of your better plans,” Damon confirms. “I particularly like the part where you talk about your feelings and then we have sex. I may have been waiting awhile for that.”

“I love you,” Elena tells him simply and without hesitation. It’s not the solution to their problems, but it’s a start.

Damon moves quickly and they’re on the bed. Damon’s bed is exactly as comfortable as Elena remembers.

“I’m not dreaming right?” Damon asks again as he rips her shirt off.

“No. Not dreaming,” Elena is helping with his own shirt eagerly. “This is real.”

There are no more words for a long while. There are things that occupy their time. It’s hours later when Elena lays against Damon with his hands tracing up and down her side while she does the same to his stomach that they speak.

“What do we do next?” Damon asks as they lay together in the dark. It’s daytime, Elena can tell, but no light gets through Damon’s curtains.

“We live Damon,” Elena answers. “We live, and we fight, and most importantly, we win.”

“We win?” Damon asks amused somewhat to hear her talk about a future. It means a lot that she did come back to fight. Elena has always been willing to die for them, but fighting for them is better. This is better than any dream he’s had and it’s their future.

“We win.”



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