Dear Trick or Treat Author,

I am so excited that you are writing for me! Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I'm open to a lot of things. In this case ship any of the characters if you want to unless it's in the DNW category below. I don't mind non-relationship fic either. Don't feel limited by my prompts specifically. I hope they just give you a general direction. 

General Things I Like for Tricks:

-Psychological horror

-Anything where it’s in their head

-Suspenseful situations

General Things I Like for Treats:

-Fluff. All the fluff.

-Slice of life/Case Fic

-Future Fic

General Things I Don’t Like or DNW:  

-Animal Abuse/Death

-Bodily Waste Fluids



-Sexual Violence (Threats of sexual violence that end at threats are ok)

-Extreme or graphic mutilation

Star Trek AOS

Characters: James T. Kirk, Jaylah, Leonard “Bones” McCoy


-Jaylah’s attempts to find a new a new home in Starfleet

-The Enterprise Crew has clearly accepted Jaylah, what do they do to make a place for her once she’s done with Starfleet training

-Future space adventures fun or terrifying in any combination

Veronica Mars

Characters: Veronica Mars, Keith Mars, Logan Echollos


-Case fic

-Multiple looks at their different relationships over time-past, present, future

-Keith and Logan team up and are rescued by Veronica

Person of Interest

Characters: Sameen Shaw, Root, Bear, The Machine


-Retrospective relationship thoughts (romantic or platonic) of their years together

-Bear’s thoughts on any of the above characters

-The future

-Sometimes habits are hard to break, case fic.

-Revisit a past case-how could it have gone wrong

-They know they’re being watched in the future-no idea who or why

Jurassic Park

Characters: Sarah Harding, Kelly Malcolm, Lex Murphy, Claire Dearing


-Annual meetup to remember that they’ve survived

-What to do about the park next

-Somehow they’re all trapped in the park

-Another exciting dino adventure?

-Supporting Claire in the aftermath
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